QLED TV: Everything You Need to Know

QLED is the most common choice of many leading smart television manufacturers Because it gives them more yield than other LEDs available in the market. And now comes the question of the day why are companies crazy about QLED? To be frank, companies are crazy because the performance of QLED TV is phenomenal. This is the reason why companies are using it in their flagship smart TV models. In this blog, we will be explaining whether QLED TV is worth it or it is just another marketing gimmick by companies.


QLED is the acronym of Quantum Light-emitting diode. This technology has first introduced by the market leader Samsung. Because the company wanted to create a product that is free from the limitations of OLED and other types of LED. By using QLED panels, companies are able to get a higher amount of yield, which means companies need not worry about manufacturing products before launching a product.

This will obviously lead to rapid development in the research and development of the company. So the chances of enhancing the qualitative state of a product can get better than ever. After Samsung began to use QLED in their flagship models. Other companies like TCL, Mi, and Realme began to adopt the business model of Samsung. In addition to better yield, there are no screen burn-in issues in QLED. Initially, only 8K variants came with QLED panels. But now most of the 4K televisions are using QLED technology to a great extent.

Working Principle of QLED TV

A layer of quantum dots are placed in front of LED lights, the lights pass through the quantum dots before it reaches the eyes of the user. This working principle is similar to LCD. The only major difference between QLED and LCD is the element that has been used as a backlight. LCDs use liquid crystals, whereas QLED panels use a small array of LED lights behind the panel. Since LEDs can illuminate on their own, manufacturers can have complete control over the dimming zone of the television.

Picture Clarity

Most of us think if QLED has a similar working principle to LCD, how can QLED deliver a better picture than LCD. But the fact is, the picture clarity of Samsung QLED is similar to OLED, which is said to be the best type of LED to this day.

Though the working principle is similar, QLED uses different materials to deliver content. Hence QLED TVs can produce superior picture clarity than conventional LED. Initially when QLED TVs couldn’t deliver true black like the OLED panels. But later, when companies began to use mini and micro-LED, QLED has able to deliver blacks in a more promising manner.

The next impressive thing about QLED television is the brightness level. LED panels find it really hard to deliver a higher level of brightness. But a flagship QLED TV from Samsung can deliver up to 4000 nits of brightness. This brightness level clearly gives an advantage to QLED to people who have kept their TV near a window where the influence of external lighting is pretty high. Due to the numerous benefits, QLED is also going to be future TV technology.

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