What is the best Samsung TV to buy?

There is a famous saying in English by Darwin, which says Survival of the Fittest. Even after years, the saying is still relevant in the field of technology too. Because if a product fails to adopt the trend, it will eventually become obsolete. Since television also understood this fact, they began to include Operating systems in their television models. Hence TVs became smart, and their functionality grew up like never before. In this blog, we are going to reveal Which is the best Samsung TV to buy?

Smart Television: Best Samsung TV

Smart Television is another variant of television with an Operating System. Because of the operating system, TVs are able to do so many amazing things. And conventional providers of news, entertainment, and soap operas have got the ability to bring the entire world to our living room itself. This is the main reason why televisions are called smart televisions.

Picture Clarity

A TV can become the best in its league by delivering better picture clarity than any of its siblings. Likewise, the Samsung AU7700 smart TV is undeniably the best Samsung to buy. Because it beats other models effortlessly, the picture clarity of the AU7700 TV stands unmatched by other models from Samsung.

Samsung AU700 is the best samsung TV to buy

The AU7700 Smart TV comes with 4K resolution. 4K has 4 times more number of resolution than a Full HD panel. Hence images look more clean and crisp with tons of detailing in them. The detail level may seem negligible on smaller screens. But its importance is explicit on larger displays where the user gets to see every minute detail in a frame. We will highly recommend users to buy a 4K television if the screen size is more than 43 inches.

Best Samsung TV: AI Support

To deliver a stunning visual experience, the role of hardware is not sufficient. Tight integration of Hardware and Software is requisite only then user’s eyes will experience the visual spectacle. And it will be absolutely pointless. If a TV doesn’t produce rich colors, it is going to annoy the eyes of the user to a great extent.

This is why television needs the support of software and AI to boost the colours present in the content. While boosting the colour, the AI also needs to ensure that the result will not look oversaturated at any cost. To ensure the colour reproduction is accurate, companies ensure their TVs meet the industry-standard certification.

Meanwhile, with the help of robust hardware, TV can enhance the picture quality of regular content into 4K. Most of the DTH providers still deliver content in Full HD resolution. So if you want to experience 4K you will have to watch content from OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix.

Visual experiene on the best Samsung TV to Buy

But if your TV comes with a processor, it can actually upscale regular content into 4K. Thus users can experience 4K content always. To do this tedious task, the Samsung AU770 smart TV has Crystal Processor 4K, which does an extremely good job by increasing the pixel count in every frame. And the results look very impressive on the Samsung AU7700 TV.

The Samsung AU7700 TV is available in two screen variants 43 and 50 inches. And the prices start from rupees 45,490 from our official website Poorvika. Shop through our safe and secure delivery service to get products instantly delivered to your doorstep


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