The Best Premium TV 2021: Sasmsung

With the help of the operating system, television has enhanced its functionality to a great extent. Initially, televisions couldn’t do many things, so they were just used as a provider of news and soap operas. But now they have got access to the internet and other features which considerably benefits the user. In this blog, we will be revealing the best premium TVs. Generally, companies tend to spend all of their resources while developing a premium product. This is why the performance and features of premium products are always light years ahead of other mid-range products.


Samsung is the leader of the television industry for more than 15 years. And still, now no one can dethrone the undisputed champion. But why is Samsung still holding the sceptre? Because they have built a factor called trust batch which cannot be easily replaced by other companies. This is why they can have an edge over their competition. Hence Samsung can perform in a much better manner than its competition.

Samsung TU8000 Smart TV: Best Premium TVs

At present, this model from Samsung is the best premium TV you can buy. Because of the high number of pixels, this television can produce crystal clear images in an effortless manner. The 55-inch display comes with slim bezels which helps Samsung to increase the screen to body ratio of the television greatly. Higher screen to body ratio plays a dual role by enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of the Samsung TU8000 smart TV. In the year 2021, a product with thick bezels is both awkward and looks outdated.

Crystal display of best premium TVs

We have affirmed the Samsung TU8000 smart TV as the best premium TV in the market because of its picture clarity and other smart features. To deliver top-notch picture clarity a TV must perform exceptionally well in three areas. One is the resolution which can be achieved through hardware but the remaining two factors cannot be achieved with the help of hardware alone. Only if the company manages to blend hardware and software together, the user will experience spectacle in front of their eyes.

Next to resolution, the colour reproduction of the television must make the eyes of the user lust. We are sure no one likes to watch dull and washed out colours. With the TU8000 Samsung smart TV, you need not worry about colour reproduction at all. Its Crystal Display is combined with HDR 10+ which means users can visualize more than 1 billion colours. HDR 10+ supports 10-bit colour depth technology. TU8000 smart TV can achieve this massive number of colours because the TV can deliver 1024 shades of red, green and blue. So in total, 10-bit colour panels are able to deliver shades that most of us will not have even seen before.

Smart Features

The best premium TVs comes with multiple voice assistant support, so you can either ask Alexa to remind your schedule. Or you can even ask Google Assistant that you need to carry an umbrella or not. The assistants have got skills and the ability to eliminate repetitive tasks from our lives.

4K resolution of best premium TVs

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