Which is the best 32 inch TV?

Televisions have become smart because their functionality has become massive, and they are capable of doing so many amazing things. But how did this happen? It happened with the help of the operating system. An operating system is a bridge between hardware and software. Applications require a platform to run, and the operating system act as a host by enabling the software to utilize the potentiality of the hardware. In this blog, we will be revealing which is the best 32 inch TV?


LG is a well-known brand in the television industry. It is also one of the very few companies to manufacture OLED displays to this day. This is why LG TVs are said to be one of the best in the world. The picture clarity and colour reproduction of LG smart televisions are top-notch.

LG is also manufacturing LED panels for other companies like Sony, Panasonic, and Philips. These companies buy LED panels from LG and work on the image processing part only.

Picture Clarity: Best 32 inch TV

After the advent of LED panels, companies began to ditch LCD in favor of LED as the picture clarity and brightness level of LED is much better than LCD displays. This is where we are witnessing LED televisions from every company.

Though the working principle of LG Smart LED TV 32LM636BPTB is similar to LCD, it is able to deliver a better visual experience than LCD panels. LED panels are made up of several LED lights which can illuminate on their own. As a result, LEDs are able to deliver sharp images and vibrant color output, which will make our eyes envious.

LG Smart LED TV 32LM636BPTB32 Inch

Since this TV has a very small display so having a higher resolution will not make much difference when it comes to picture clarity. Because we need only a few pixels to tightly integrate inside a small space, but this is not the case with larger displays. To tackle this issue, companies began to use 4K or Ultra HD resolution. 4K resolution has four times more pixels than a regular Full HD. Hence there is no loss in detail on a 4K display, but the future is heading towards 8K.

Because of the self-illuminating ability of LED, Colors look more rich and pleasing. The difference in color reproduction becomes very explicit while watching content that has less amount of daylight. In these kinds of scenarios, LCD struggles to produce accuracy, whereas LEDs can simply glide through. Because LEDs switch off while displaying black color but LCD panels project black color, which results in screen bleeding and slight discoloration.

The LG Smart LED TV 32LM636BPTB will not face any issues related to picture clarity and color reproduction. These qualities make LG Smart LED TV 32LM636BPTB the best 32 inch TV.

Smart Features

Well, there is one more thing that makes LG Smart LED TV 32LM636BPTB best 32 inch TV. Curious to know what is it? Well, it is the support for AI applications like Google Assistant. A few years back, talking to a device was only seen in movies, but it has become a norm in our lives with the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. LG Smart LED TV 32LM636BPTB allows users to assign commands with the help of the user’s voice alone.

Hope the features and performance are justifiable to claim the best 32 inch TV. The price of LG Smart LED TV 32LM636BPTB is rupees 22,990 on our website Poorvika. Shop through our safe and secure delivery service to get products instantly delivered with 2 hours Delivery Service.


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