Exactly how much RAM do I need for Windows 10?

RAM is the acronym of Random Access Memory. In computers, RAM has also got another name because of its characteristics. Wondering what could it be? Don’t wonder, here is known as the Non-Volatile memory of a laptop or personal computer. In this blog, we will be describing the role it plays and exactly how much RAM you will need for Windows 10.

Random Access Memory

As stated earlier, RAM stands for Random Access Memory. Its role is very important for a laptop and a personal computer. Honestly speaking without RAM a PC cannot do any sort of function leading to the question – Why? Simple, just like how we need a space in order to perform work, computers also need a space right? Yeah, they definitely do, and the name of that space is RAM.

A girl using Windows 10 laptop

Without random access memory, a processor will not be able to perform its duty. This is why most users assume that random access memory defines the performance of a PC. But that’s not true because a PC’s performance is based on the processor’s core count, clock speed, and microarchitecture.

However, RAM is still requisite because a processor or GPU cannot do its job without the help of RAM. When it comes to computers and laptops which run on Windows Operating System RAM is upgradeable. Meanwhile, in recent generations, both the random access memory and storage in Macs are not upgradeable.

Does RAM help PC to improve performance?

The answer is no, it doesn’t increase performance at all. But again that doesn’t mean the role of is obsolete. In simple words, a PC with a higher amount of RAM will perform better in multitasking. For instance, even a PC with a robust processor will need at least 16GB of access memory to work on Adobe Premiere Pro. If not, timeline performance will take a hit to the level where users cannot even include multiple layers.

Not just Premiere Pro, other applications like Android Data Studio consume a lot of memory while developers try running an emulator. For certain tasks, the role of random access memory is very important regardless of the ability of CPU and GPU.

Ideal Amount of RAM for Windows 10

ISO file size of Windows 10 is around 5.1GB, so we wouldnt recommend buying a laptop below 4GB. However, 4GB will not be fine if you are planning to work on many applications simultaneously. So even if you buy a laptop that has just 4GB of memory, it is better to upgrade it to at least 8GB.

We hope the blog answered your question on how much RAM you need for Windows 10. If your workflow demands working on memory-intensive applications, then 16GB of DDR4 random access memory must be sufficient to carry the workload in a convincing manner. But if your workflow demands even more memory don’t hesitate to upgrade.

Also, make sure of the capability of the motherboard before upgrading it. The price of Windows 10 laptop starts from rupees 25,999 on our official website Poorvika. Shop through our safe and secure delivery service to get products instantly delivered to your doorstep.


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