Types of Phone Chargers : Everything you need to know

All electronic devices require a power supply in order to function. Some devices constantly need power and there are others that store power in the battery and let the user do their work away from the wall socket. When it comes to storing power, a smartphone is actually the best example. In this blog, we will be comprehending on What are the 3 types of phone chargers? Are you wondering are there many options when it comes to phone chargers? Yes, there are two options that follow an entirely different functionality in terms of charging. One is the traditional wired charging and another is relatively a new technology wireless charging.

Wired Chargers: Phone Chargers

Wired chargers are here in the industry for decades, the working principle of wired chargers is simple. A wired charger comprises two major components first, there is an adaptor and then a cable. The adaptor conducts electricity through the cable. And the smartphone will receive power from the cable. How does the adaptor conduct electricity? Every adaptor will have a step-down transformer, the current from the wall socket passes through the step-down transformer before it reaches the cable.

Samsung 45 Watts Fast Charger

A transformer can be classified into a step up and step down transformer. You can have an overall idea just by looking at the name itself. Step-up transformer delivers more watts than it receives. Step-down transformer works on the contrary by reducing the output. But why does it reduce the output? If it doesn’t reduce, your smartphone battery might explode or get damaged because of the maximum electricity output.

But now after the advent of fast charging, wired chargers play a dual role. What does a fast charger do? Do you want to know the answer, slide your thumb to know more about its working principle and how it benefits users?

Phone Chargers: Fast Chargers

Fast charger receives current and provide more power to the smartphone than conventional phone chargers. At present we have fast chargers which are capable of delivering around 65 Watts of power to the smartphone for charging. With this amount of power, even a massive battery will get charged within an hour.

This is also the reason why we see companies claiming that their product will last for half day in just 10 minutes of charge. On average most of the smartphones come with at least 15 Watts fast charging support. But this amount of power will take hours for the latest smartphone to charge. This is why you definitely need a fast charger with at least 25 watts of support. So that you can charge your smartphone without waiting for a long time.

Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers consist of a charging pad where you will have to place your smartphone. Unlike wired fast charging, wireless charging cannot deliver a higher amount of output. But maybe in the future, it may deliver the same amount of watts like a fast charger.

USB Car Charging

This kind of charger definitely needs to be on this list. You can use this charger to charge your smartphone from your car itself. This charger lets user to charge their smartphone on the go.

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