Is it worth to have a Screen Protector?

Our smartphone displays are made up of glass which is highly prone to damages. In short, a glass can get damaged by even a small key in your pocket. No not that, our smartphone display can break even if it is inside our trouser pocket. Yeah, if the pockets are small and tight, the chances of smartphone display shattering are pretty high. This is why you must apply a screen protector from a reputed brand right after buying a smartphone. This blog is going to answer whether is it worth to have a screen protector or not.

Smartphone Display

As stated earlier, glass is susceptible to any sort of damage and this is the sole reason why you must apply a screen protector to your smartphone. After applying a screen protector, the chances of your smartphone screen getting damaged is very small.

Few of us have a question about the ability of technological advancement. Because even after so much advancement, glass still remains fragile to this day. But do remember companies like Corning have made glass stronger than ever.

According to Corning, their latest Gorilla Glass Victus is highly resistant against mild drops. Even if their claim is legit, it is absolutely ridiculous to take chances with your smartphone. So it is advisable to use a reputed screen protector on the top of your smartphone’s display.

Screen Protector

The screen protector is a kind of mobile accessory which is made up of glass. In the process of protecting smartphone displays, screen protectors often end up destroying themselves. Yeah, this is how it actually saves our smartphone display.

This phenomenon will have reminded us of another great product which is used in our daily lives. Still haven’t found the name of the product? Stay calm, we will tell you what it is. The product is none other than a Candle that burns itself while providing light.

Types of Screen Protector

There are many types of screen protectors available in the market. But still tempered glass is the most common choice of most people. Tempered glass comes in two different textures one is glossy and the other is a matte finish.

Generally, most of the regular smartphone users prefer a glossy finish due to its ability to deliver the actual potentiality of the smartphone. But if you use your smartphone more than the average consumer then it is good for you to choose matte finish tempered glass. Because the matte finish on the surface of the tempered glass prevents the light from straining your eyes.

Is it worth to have a Screen Protector?

Yeah, absolutely one hundred percent it is worth to have a screen protector. But why? Because it protects the most delicate component of your smartphone. And it can literally save your thousands of bucks. In the longer run, screen protectors can also increase the resale value or exchange price of your smartphone.

Hope the reasons are sufficient to claim that having a screen protector is definitely worth it. The price of screen protectors starts from rupees 199 from the official website Poorvika. You can also avail our safe and secure delivery service and get products instantly delivered to your doorstep.


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