What are the different types of Cases and Covers?

Smartphones are becoming more functional and better than ever. They have grown to a great extent not just in terms of features and performance but also the aesthetics. A few years back, smartphones didn’t have this kind of pleasing aesthetics that can delight our eyes. But now after companies began to adapt glass back panels, metal body and glass sandwich design overall look and feel of the product have become more premium. This blog is going to explain what are the different types of Cases and Covers available?


Most of the people buy a phone case for two major purposes. One is to protect the phone and the next reason is to enhance the look of a smartphone. But again not all cases can enhance the look and overall appearance of a smartphone. For instance, a bumper case will not be able to provide a stunning look to a smartphone. Yet it can protect your smartphone during worst-case scenarios.

The reason why every smartphone requires a back case to protect from accidental slips and drops. As told earlier, present-day smartphones are made out of materials that feel slippery on bare hands. And the glass back panel, glass sandwich panels don’t resist fingerprint or smudge marks at all. Having so many marks on the glossy back panel ruins the appealing look of the smartphone.

As a result, the user wipes the backside using a normal cloth or microfibre cloth. While wiping, glass panels don’t get easily scratched but plastic panels are vulnerable to scratches. By using cases, you can get rid of these common happenings which a smartphone user undergoes on a regular basis.

Types of Cases and Cover

There are types of cases and covers available for smartphones and they are flip covers, bumper cases and rugged back cases for mobiles. These kinds of cases and covers are almost similar with some kind of alterations. For instance, some kinds of cases are made of leather, silicon, rubber and Poly Carbonate materials. The only flip cover has got a different opening another type of case and covers don’t have an opening at the front portion of the smartphone.

Flip Cover

The flip cover is made of two pieces, one part covers the back portion and the other covers the screen. Users can simply flip the front portion using their finger itself. Generally, flip covers are made out of materials like leather, faux leather because of its flexibility. If flip covers are rigid, the lifespan of a flip cover will be shorter than our anticipation. The price of flip cover starts from rupees 239 from our official website Poorvika.

Bumper Back Case

It looks like a regular silicon back case but the sides of the case are usually thicker in order to provide additional protection to the phone during drops and falls. On the front part of the bumper back case, the edges are slightly levelled up. But why? To create a gap between the phone and the surface while the phone falls down.

You can buy a bumper back case for just rupees 199 from the official website of Poorvika. While buying products from Poorvika, don’t forget to opt for our safe and secure delivery service to get products instantly delivered to your doorstep.



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