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Are Conekt SW1 Pro Smartwatches worth buying?

Are Conekt SW1 Pro Smartwatches with BT Calling worth buying? Want to know the answer to that? Read to Know more about its features, Specifications, first impressions and Price in India.

The Conekt SW1 Pro Smartwatches is one of our favourite smartwatches collections, and this watch works perfectly. It’s not your normal Smartwatch though; you can enjoy the Bluetooth Calling facility, so you don’t have to take your mobile out whenever you get a call from the mobile; just tap the watch and start your conversation.

With a 1.72″ full touch HD IPS display, users can immerse themselves into the entertainment experience and each swipe as soft as silk. 

Battery life isn’t a very huge concern on the Conekt SW1 Pro as it offers the longest-lasting Battery life; we’ve ever seen. This watch will come with you for your daily morning marathon. You don’t want to search for your charger again and again and don’t want to carry the charger to your work area as well; just charge it for one time, and you’re free.

Blood Pressure Monitor:

Blood pressure monitor is the most popular for checking blood pressure. The digital monitor has a gauge and also has an error indicator. The blood pressure reading will be displayed on your smartwatch display. So you’ll get every information in real-time.

 Blood Oxygen Level Monitors:

Your blood oxygen level monitor measures how much oxygen is available in your red blood cells, and keeping the precise balance of oxygen-saturated blood is important to your health. So you can know your results in no time and everything will come under control.

Heart Rate Monitors:

Heart Rate Monitors (HRMs) can be extremely helpful if you know how to use the data they collect. Exercise creates many different effects on the body depending on how you push your heart rate and for how long. At that time using heart rate data is helpful and also guide your workouts. 

24×7 heart rate monitoring ECG:

The ECG app can record your rhythm and heartbeat using the 24×7 heart rate monitoring ECG sensor on Conekt SW1 Pro Smartwatches with BT Calling and then check for irregular rhythm.

IP67 waterproof:

Every Conekt SW1 Pro Smartwatches has passed severe quality inspection before leaving the industry. The loudspeaker and ports are equipped with anti-dust mesh and seal to completely prevent water drops or raindrops.

A wide variety of sleep tracking smartwatches have hit the market. However, the minute you strap the Conekt SW1 Pro Smartwatches with BT Calling on your wrist; you can monitor your sleep in real-time.

 Multiple Sports Modes are available in the Smartwatch, so you can change your life by just changing the mode. 

Click the link to know the price in India of Conekt SW1 Pro Smartwatches with BT Calling. Avail our 2-hour fast delivery and get your Conekt SW1 Pro Smartwatches with BT Calling at Poorvika in real-time.



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