What is the difference between a Smart TV and an Android TV?- Poorvika

What is the difference between a Smart TV and an Android TV?- Poorvika

The debate between Smart TV and Android TV has been going on for a long time now. Both types of TV have their own advantages, and some people use any of these types based on their convenience. However, in this blog, we will be looking at the difference between Smart TV and Android TV and the key standard features. Let’s waste no time and get into the details:

Operating System:

Starting with the Operating System, Smart TVs are powered with different OS systems according to the brands. Samsung Smart TV comes with an operating system called Tizen, whereas LG uses its own OS called WebOS.

On the other hand, Android TVs come with a free operating system, most common in all the android TVs. Also, compared to Smart TV, Android TV is much easier to be controlled through our smartphones and even Smartwatches. But performance-wise, SmartTVs are a lot quicker and smoother than its CounterPath.

App availability:

Application wise, both Smart TV and Android TV are almost the same as they allow us to browse, use apps such as Instagram, Youtube, and other apps. The main fundamental difference is the core and the OS of these TVs. Another significant difference between Android and Smart TVs is observed in the inbuilt apps and the downloadable applications. Android TVs come with Playstore, which contains a whole library of applications. Conversely, the downloadable apps in Smart TVs are a bit limited, and a few of the apps are not available in Smart TVs like in Android TVs.


Another factor in comparing between these TVs is frequent firmware updates. We can expect regular updates for the OS and apps in the case of Android TVs, and it allows us to use modern apps at all times as it keeps updating the installed apps automatically. But, in the case of Smart TVs, it is hard to get frequent updates, and the TV becomes outdated after many years. You may need to buy the upgraded version to get the latest version of the apps if you choose Smart TVs.


Smart TVs are easier to navigate between apps as the most visited apps and the newly installed apps appear on the home screen. But, in the case of Android TVs, one should know the Android ecosystem to move through the apps quickly.

Apart from all these basic differences, there are many other differences between these types of TVs.


One of the differences is Screencasting. Android TVs come with the Chromecast feature, which is known for its unfiltered crystal clear videos and high-quality audio. Smart TVs are built-in with screen mirroring that needs pairing and requires a slight hassle to connect.

Voice assistant:

Another noticeable difference with both these types is Voice assistant support. Almost every type of Android TV comes with Google Assistant, where you need to yell the name of the video or movie to search it. We’ll look at Smart TV as it has only a search bar to type in the content we are looking for. There’s an option for voice support in Smart TVs, but it requires an extra expenditure on Alexa, and you may need to pair them to your Smart TV.

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