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Apple revealed its latest wearable, the Apple Watch Series 7., on the heels of the latest released Samsung Galaxy Watch4. This is why, for many, this question remains the biggest doubt: Which smartwatch is the best? There are a lot of features on Apple and Samsung watches, such as fitness tracking, voice and texting capabilities, mobile payments, Smart Home controls and a wide range of third-party apps. Touch screens appear bright, smart processors enable smooth scrolling, and their battery life is far greater than their competition. The most recent Galaxy Watch models are only compatible with Android. Apple Watches are only compatible with iOS, Apple’s smartwatch operating system. While older Galaxy Watch models, such as the Watch3, supported iOS, the most recent ones only support Android.

The Galaxy Watch4 cannot be used if you have an iPhone; the Series 7 cannot be used if you have an Android smartphone. Because both watches can be used either with an Android or iOS phone, opting for one is an easy choice.

Let’s help you pick a Galaxy Watch or Apple Watch now that you’ve decided which is best for you.

Comparison of Sensors and Display:

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 offers no shortage of sensors. It has gyroscopic sensors, accelerometers, barometers, compass, electrical heart sensors, blood oxygen sensors, and bioelectrical impedance sensors. The Apple Watch Series 7 has a bigger, brighter screen than its predecessor. According to reports, the display on the new Apple Watch Series 7 is 70 per cent brighter than on the previous generation smartwatch. The Galaxy Watch 4 is nowhere near that specification. In terms of display size, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 offers 1.13 inches while Apple Watch Series 7 offers 1.41 square inches of rectangular display whereas the Apple Watch Series 7 offers a more comfortable to use rectangular display.

Comparison of Operating System:

In terms of wearables, both are capable of tracking and recording health information, and personal preference will determine which is best. Apple excels when it comes to the Operating System, while Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 operates on Wear OS 3. With Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, you have a wide range of choices while selecting apps and it has grabbed the thunder from Apple Watch Series 7. Apple Watch Series 7 pairs best with an iPhone, whereas Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 pairs best with a Samsung phone.

Comparison of Quality:

Apple Watch Series 7 comes in stainless steel, titanium, and aluminium cases. They all have sapphire glass, which is scratch-resistant. What’s the difference between these cases? Stainless Steel and Titanium cases have sapphire glass. Besides a crack-resistant round display, Apple devices are also likely to have a stainless steel case, which gives the smartwatch a sporty look. Samsung, on the other hand, sticks with a classic aluminium case. With its Gorilla Glass DX plus screen, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is unable to compete with Apple Watch Series 7’s scratch-resistant sapphire glass.

The Watch4 has a different design, but it comes with all the same internal features as the pricier Classic, so that’s what we love about Samsung’s current smartwatch lineup. A standard Watch4 has an aluminium case and a simpler, more streamlined design in comparison to a Watch4 Classic, which has a slimmer, much more durable stainless steel case and a rotating bezel that makes navigation easy. Our Editor’s Choice award was able to recognize the Watch4 out of these two watches because both devices contained the same battery, connectivity, internal memory, operating system, processor, sensors, and user interface.

There are more features in the Series 7 than in the Galaxy Watch4. It has a larger screen and a slimmer bezel, is more durable, charges faster offer an always-on display option, and has sensors for blood oxygen saturation and electrocardiograms. Samsung’s new smartwatches have an advantage when it comes to health tracking. Most importantly, the Watch4 offers body composition analysis and snore tracking, two features that are not available on the Series 7. The Watch4 will alert your phone when you’re asleep, and your phone will then record your snoring with its microphone. Wear the Watch4 to bed and keep your smartphone on your nightstand for proof that you’re asleep. You can visit the sleep tile present in your watch to know the data or you can also visit the Samsung health app. Bioelectric impedance analysis allows the Watch 4 to track your body composition through its new BioActive Sensor. By pressing the Home and Back buttons, the watch will display your skeletal muscle mass, fat mass, body fat percentage, body mass index, body water mass, and basal metabolic rate. The graph below each measure shows your results as a range.

Apple’s Series 7 and Watch 4 provide a variety of useful health-centric features, including fall detection, high and low heart rate notifications, irregular heart rhythm alerts, Emergency SOS, international emergency calls, and noise monitoring. Furthermore, the apps provide automatic handwashing reminders and a 20-second count down timer when you’re cleaning up, two features that are particularly helpful in the wake of COVID-19. Similar apps are also available on the Watch4, but they don’t come pre-installed. With the Watch4, you get a more powerful Wear OS platform with more apps than its Tizen predecessors. However, the selection still leads to a far lesser selection of apps than what is available on the Apple Watch. Such apps as AccuWeather, IFTTT, iHeartRadio, Lifesum, Nike Run Club are great to have.



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