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Best health tracking Smartwatches to buy before 2021 ends

You should have a lot of questions in mind when you’re looking for the best smartwatches for fitness tracking. You’ll want to know about their features, design, and pricing. Should you get a fitness tracker or a smartwatch? Which smartwatch has the best fitness tracking features? Which smartwatches are the most accurate at calculating fitness metrics? In this article, we list all of the best smartwatches that can track fitness metrics effectively.

It’s not possible to find a smartwatch that can satisfy everyone’s requirements, so we offer different recommendations depending on each individual’s needs, budget, and personal preferences. In this guide, we’ve listed options from top brands such as Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, Oneplus, and Oppo. Given that you’re looking for a fitness tracker or a smartwatch that tracks your activity and health accurately, let’s begin.

Best Smartwatches for Fitness Enthusiasts in India to buy before 2021 ends!!

OnePlus Watch – ₹14,999
Oppo Smartwatch – ₹17,990
Fitbit Sense smartwatch – ₹20,699
Apple Smartwatch- ₹29,900
Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch- ₹31,999

OnePlus Watch

The OnePlus watch stands out with its stunning design coupled with seamless edges resulting from intricate crafting and modern technology. You will gain people’s admiration wherever you go wearing this amazing watch. This watch includes a blood oxygen sensor that allows you to keep track of your SPO2 (blood oxygen saturation) level. Blood oxygen saturation can be a critical indicator of your health. With its optical heart rate sensor, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your mental and physical fitness, which you can use to quickly find your groove again. The breath training feature will also help you to relax and calm down.

The watch’s Warp charging feature eliminates the need for long charging times. You can charge your watch within a few minutes and get almost the whole day’s use. Enjoy unlimited access to your favourite audio files with this watch, featuring up to 4GB of internal storage. The watch allows you to choose an appropriate workout from over 110 types and tracks your progress efficiently to help keep you motivated and on track to achieve your fitness goals.

Enjoy your time at the pool or improve your swimming skills with this IP68 and 5 ATM water-resistant watch. It provides weather resistance and offers dust and water resistance. This 46 mm watch features a floating effect throughout, which combines a beautiful display with a seamless touch mechanism. Its display has an aesthetic design and smooth functionality, which complements its display. Moreover, its polished bezel and watch face create an enticing and captivating spectacle that will make heads turn everywhere you go. You can avail this watch at a great discount price only at poorvika and you can also avail two hours of fast delivery.

Oppo Smartwatch:

To create a broader ecosystem around the Wear OS platform, OPPO has recently launched ‘OPPO Watch.’ The company also launched wireless headphones in different price segments, including neckbands and TWS.

The OPPO Watch is not original, despite the odd resemblance. Apart from that, it features a dual-curved display, which you may never have seen before on a smartwatch. A 6000 Series Aluminum frame surrounds a plastic back with a ceramic sensor mounted in the centre. It comes with proprietary straps that are soft on the hands and made from Fluororubber material. Fluororubber is a rubber material that feels like a silicone band but is very stiff.

The OPPO Watch has a 1.91-inch curved AMOLED screen. The display is bright and vibrant, with deep blacks, and texts look extremely sharp with ideal brightness. A vibrant display is filled with rich colours, blacks are deep, and texts appear crisp and bright. With Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 and Ambiq Micro Apollo 3 processors under the hood, the OPPO Watch packs 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM. It’s worth mentioning that Ambiq SoC initiates low-power tasks, resulting in longer battery life.

OPPO Watch includes fitness capabilities such as five inbuilt workout modes, as well as an integrated app called 5-Minute Workouts that lets you do quick stretching while doing your work. In addition to tracking your sleep, the OPPO Watch includes preloaded applications like a timer, stopwatch, voice recorder, breathing exercise, and more. The OPPO Watch comes with a 430mAh battery with Watch VOOC flash charging technology. If you are using it as a fitness companion, you might only get 10 hours out of it.

Fitbit Sense smartwatch:

Fitbit Sense has a big OLED screen (1.58-inches) with proper smartwatch styling. A variety of sensors power the Fitbit Sense, including an accelerometer, barometer, ECG, gyro, GPS, heart rate monitor, and even a temperature monitor. Sense features the EDA Scan app on the wrist that measures electrodermal activity, which gives you information about how your body is responding to stress. You can then track and manage your stress level.

In order to determine long-term trends in your skin temperature, Sense logs the number of degrees above and below your baseline each night. Sense alerts you when your heart rate appears abnormally high or low based on your resting heart rate, a key health indicator. Keep track of pace, distance and more during runs, rides, and more using the integrated GPS – and then see your workout intensity map in the Fitbit app.

This ring features a sophisticated polished finish on a stainless steel ring and a seamless fit with an upgraded infinity band design. Its easy-to-change quick-release mechanism makes it convenient to switch styles. You can create better bedtime habits – from viewing the actual Sleep Score to improving it with helpful tips, sleep stages, and sleep modes.

Apple Smartwatch:

The Apple Watch SE utilizes an innovative feature called fall detection, which will alert you in the event of a fall and help you get to medical assistance. It’s easy to use. All you need to do is press and hold the side button. With better access to Siri, you can immediately find the nearest restaurants, the name of songs, and much more. It also helps you remember to wash your hands, track your menstrual cycle, and much more.

The Apple Watch SE measures activity by displaying Activity rings that tell you how much you move, exercise, and stand according to three simple metrics. The Apple Watch SE is water-resistant up to 50 m so you can take it into the water without worrying about the device getting damaged.
Using the device, you can view elevation changes as you climb up or down the stairs in real-time, and you can connect it to compatible gym equipment. The sleep trends will allow you to see how consistently you have been meeting your goals. Once you have that information, you can make adjustments.

It comes with the Breathe app to help you take care of your well-being, as well as a Menstrual Cycle tracker to let you track your cycle with your wristband. When you cannot move, it will connect you with emergency services. You will also be able to get assistance immediately during an emergency by pressing and holding the side button.

Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch:

With Samsung’s new One UI Watch and Wear OS Powered by Samsung smartwatch platforms, the Galaxy smartwatch platform offers simplicity, convenience, and efficiency. We’ve also made the smartwatch and Galaxy experience even easier. With such an advanced display, scrolling and multitasking on the Galaxy Watch4 series are easy and seamless. We also improved the display resolution up to 450 x 450 pixels, so visuals are more sharp and clear. A significant amount of hardware improvements has been made to support this amazing experience, including an upgraded processor with richer displays and increased memory.

Samsung Electronics introduced the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic – a new era for smartwatch innovation. Samsung’s new smartwatches are the first to feature Wear OS Powered by Samsung, the company’s latest operating system developed jointly with Google. They are equipped with Samsung’s most intuitive user interface, One UI Watch. The Galaxy Watch4 series expands the range of performance hardware and delivers a more seamless and connected experience than ever before. The new devices are completely redesigned to provide consumers with the best tools for enhancing their health and wellness.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 comes equipped with the company’s BioActive Sensor, which boasts a small and more compact design without compromising measurement precision. This new 3-in-1 sensor is the first ever to use a single chip to run three powerful health sensors – Optical Heart Rate, Electrical Heart and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis – so users can monitor their blood pressure, detect an irregular heartbeat and measure their blood oxygen levels all from a single chip. The impressive 16GB of storage space will allow you to store your favourite apps, music, and photos, assured they are secure thanks to Samsung’s Knox security platform.

A wide range of wellness features enables these smartwatches to track your activity and stay motivated to achieve your goals. With the Galaxy Watch4, you’ll have a wide range of guided workouts to choose from, along with the option of participating in Group Challenges with friends and family. You can also set up a home gym through the use of compatible Samsung Smart TVs to track your heart rate and calories.

So, if you are looking for a device that not only tracks your activity and fitness but also shows you notifications and allows you to use apps without removing your smartphone from your pocket, then you should look at full-fledged smartwatches like those mentioned above. To get these smartwatches on a great deal visit our official website.



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