Tech in 60 Seconds (27-DEC-2021)

Telegram Testing Feature to Help Avoid Spoilers in Chats.  It allows you to hide sensitive text with ease, giving the recipients the choice to reveal or skip the message entirely.You will find a new “Spoiler” option in this pop-up menu, which upon selection will pixelate the text once you hit the send button on Telegram.

In a rather Bizarre moment we never thought would happen, TikTok Beats Google to Become the Most Popular Website in the World in 2021. its official Year in Review internet traffic rankings report, Cloudfare listed the top 10 most popular domains or websites of 2021 like you’ve already seen TikTok Tops.

Leaked Android 13 Screenshots Reveal New a Feature. Panlingual in Android 13 will allow users to set the language on a per-app basis, instead of setting a universal language for the UI, menus, and apps on their devices.

LG to Demonstrate 6G Technology in Korea’s Science and Technology Exhibition. It will showcase a power amplifier that can support 6G wireless technology.  6G is expected to be standardized in the market by 2025, with commercialization happening in 2029.


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