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Apple Homepod Mini: Features, Specifications, and Review – Poorvika

Apple Homepod Mini: Features, Specifications, and Review - Poorvika

If you’ve been longing for a smaller, more economical alternative to the expensive Apple Homepod, now might be your chance! The Homepod Mini is a much cheaper way to enjoy Apple’s high-quality audio and functionality. It can be placed on any surface, and it lets you talk to Siri at any time. You can choose your experience, whether you like to have today’s news read aloud or if you want to listen to your favorite show on it. For example, if you’re out of juice for your iPhone, just plug in Homepod Mini and charge both devices simultaneously! 

In this blog, we’ll cover all the details you need to know about this new product as well as how it differs from its big brother Apple Homepod. 


Apple’s Homepod Mini is the company’s most recent Bluetooth speaker. The device has a sleek and modern design, which features Apple’s characteristic smooth curves. Like its larger counterpart, the Homepod Mini comes in two colors: White and Space Grayl. 

The Homepod Mini is slightly smaller than an AirPod package and has an irregular shape with an oval-shaped top panel that tapers onto a round bottom section. This shape allows it to easily rest on a table or countertop without covering up too much of your work surface or blocking access to your cords underneath. While the top panel is made of felt-like material, the bottom section of the device is made of an aluminum alloy.


The Homepod Mini supports Bluetooth 4.2, AAC, LDAC, and AptX HD audio formats, which allows it to deliver crisp and clear sound while maintaining high efficiency in transmitting data via Bluetooth. It is capable of receiving wireless audio from multiple wireless sources, including speakers and headphones, whether the source is connected to a smartphone or a computer. The device can also play back music on its built-in stereo speakers via Bluetooth.


The Homepod Mini runs an embedded Apple A8 processor and uses an M8 motion co-processor with specialized low-power audio chips that track motion around the room. It is also equipped with two microphones that allow it to collect high-fidelity spatial audio from across the entire room when in standby mode. The Homepod Mini can stream audio from popular streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Pandora without requiring a subscription if the user wishes to do so. 


The HomePod mini is smaller and only holds a single set of small magnets inside to eliminate the larger speaker enclosure and make it more portable. It has three microphone arrays, four tweeters, and a midrange driver, with “smaller and tighter” bass than the more prominent HomePod speaker. The 2-inch woofer is also smaller than the original HomePod, but “louder.” Also, Apple has used the same acoustic principle as Homepod, which ensures a 360° audio experience.


Apple Mini is the newest smart speaker from Apple. The device has its own Siri intelligence, answering queries and making suggestions. The device responds to voice queries and touch and gesture commands. Some of its features include Siri integration, enhanced audio, and more.HomePod mini can also play audio from Apple Watch or AirPods, including Siri-based commands like activating an alarm. Unlike the larger HomePod, the HomePod mini can’t send audio from an Apple TV or other source directly to it. Gesture commands include volume increase/decrease, double-tap for the next song, triple tap for the previous track, and tap and hold for Siri.

Other features of the Apple Homepage Mini includes: 

Intercom: This device has an Intercom feature, which will allow for seamless communication in the home with others and for multiple people to speak with each other at once from one location!

Ambient sounds: You can set the Alarm as you prefer and then play soothing sounds such as Campfire, Drizzling, Winds, Water streams, and more with the help of Siri.

Find my device: If you lose your iPad, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch at your house and cannot locate it, the Find My Device feature in the Apple Homepod Mini can cause the missing device to produce a sound that is easy to locate. 

Maps: This speaker has updated maps, which are always up-to-date, and you can also ask Siri for directions! Also, this feature makes it easier for users to remember where they parked their car or find a building they’re asking for directions to.

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