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How to pick the best cases & cover for your Mobile in 2022?

A mobile phone case is a perfect way to protect your device and keep it working reliably and looking good. Accidents such as spills, falls, and drops are simply some of the unfortunate events that could result in your expensive phone or tablet being ruined. If you’ve lost your grip and watched helplessly as your device shot toward the ground, you already know how important it is to protect your device. You’ve spent a lot of money buying the best model and choosing a plan with enough data to use your favorite apps. To protect your phone, here’s how to choose the right phone case. We’ve compiled the best guide to help you organize your busy lifestyle with a bag that suits your busy lifestyle. From lightweight, slim cases to rugged cases with the best features and protection, we’ll help you find the case that is right for you.

Your mobile phone will need varying levels of protection based on how you use it, your lifestyle, and where you travel. Outdoor enthusiasts who spend a significant amount of time outside, adventure traveling, working in the field, or hiking, should consider buying a rugged phone case to keep their device protected. In contrast, people who telecommute from home and occasionally leave the house may be fine with a sleeker phone case. And it’s essential to think about whether you’ve decided to pay an insurance premium or whether you chose to save money by repairing your device. You can set a realistic budget for your phone case if you know how much protection your phone needs.

There are many cases for mobile phones available in many varieties in Poorvika. There are folio cases that have a folding mechanism to protect the screen, and they can accommodate credit cards—the Battery cases aid in extending the life of the phone’s battery. If certain features are important to you in a phone case, check to see whether they’re included in the case. Some waterproof cases claim to be able to get devices wet, but the cases often don’t shield the device from damage caused by water.


If you can’t find a review for your specific phone model, you will be able to get a general impression of the quality of the case by reading other reviews for the same manufacturer. There are also several discussion forums around the web where people discuss cases and post photos of them. You should also confirm that the case has precise cut-outs. Cases are sometimes rushed out the door and miss a port, have stiff buttons, or have reflections on the camera flash when the flash is turned on. Before buying a case, check with the manufacturer if it allows wireless charging or if it allows you to dock your smartphone while wearing the case.


When selecting a case, consider features you might need. A stand that can support the tablet in landscape mode can be particularly useful. Some cases offer multiple positions, as well as 360-degree hinges. Phones generally come with kickstands that pop out the back but ensure that they are securely attached to prevent them from popping out unexpectedly. Keep a checklist of the things you need, and play it by ear while you shop.


A good question, to begin with, is how clumsy you are. You can also ask yourself how tough your battery case needs to be. If you want it to survive a drop or a dip without damaging it, then you’d better have some serious protection. It’s not necessary to spend so much on basic protection if you are careful. There is a direct trade-off between the level of protection provided and the added bulk and weight.


Rugged cases are another option to consider, but keep in mind that they will be bulky and heavy, and the inclusion of air pockets will drastically decrease the risk of damage to your device, but you will also be adding weight and bulk to your device. In addition, they should be easy to grip, even when wet, but you may find it harder to slide the larger model into your pocket. Therefore, you might need to make purchases such as holsters and belt clips to accommodate the larger design. Ultimately, rugged cases can make it a little harder to use your phone because they cover all angles, including the buttons and the touchscreen, which can reduce sensitivity.

A rugged case would be the best choice for anyone looking for a sturdy case that will definitely withstand drops but isn’t going to add a lot of bulk to their device or sacrifice style. The ideal combination would be a layer of hard polycarbonate sandwiched between a softer inner material, like silicone, to absorb shock. Make sure the product has been tested for military drop tests. If your phone gets dropped facedown, you’ll want to make sure there’s a lip or other protection on the front in case it gets damaged. Some case manufacturers have gone one step further and tested their wares against U.S. military standards. You can check the IP (Ingress Protection) rating to see which cases tolerate water and dust. The MIL-STD-810 certification applies to pressure, temperature, vibration, and impact.

A slim case can be an excellent alternative for those who don’t want their phone’s gorgeous design covered or don’t want something too bulky in their pockets. If style overrides protection, you can choose a slim case. You can be sure it will protect your phone from scratches on its actual surface, as well as enhance its ability to survive a fall. The number of transparent cases on the market is on the rise, and that means that it’s easier than ever to find a case that allows the design of your phone to shine through. The most affordable slim cases offer a decent level of protection, and you won’t need to spend a lot of money on them. These one-piece cases are typically made of TPU, which is durable and slightly malleable, so they’re easy to put on and have some degree of shock absorption.

It can be difficult to fit hard, slim cases on your device, and they won’t protect your device well against drops. In this category, you’ll find a wide range of styles and colors, but remember to check the cut-outs and to keep in mind that inadequate falls protection at the corners and in the front means that it won’t hold up well in the rain. Additionally, some cases in this category offer decent drop protection through a design that combines a thin, hard back with a thicker, malleable bumper.

These cases add bulk and weight, but they shouldn’t restrict you from using your phone. Make sure there’s a lip or some other protection on the front in case your phone falls over. Gripp, Inbase & PC are a few brands that have added grip that prevent you from dropping it in the first place and recommend as some of the toughest options available in Poorvika.

It’s best to try each one by hand if that’s possible since you’ll reach for and hold your phone so often. Choosing the right case should be based on your lifestyle and your preferences. We recommend that you purchase a couple of different cases for different activities from Poorvika that you may prefer a slimmer case for work but a rugged case for hiking or biking.



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