Tech in 60 Seconds (24-Jan-2022)

Indian Couple Is Holding the First Metaverse Marriage. in news that is making waves across the world is centered around Dinesh Kshatriyan and Janaganandini Ramaswamy who are huge Potterheads. They are getting married in a Harry Potter-themed metaverse. Feb 6th is the date and we are all waiting to see how this plays out.

OnePlus might be Developing a 180-Degree Rotating Camera for OnePlus 11. the rotating system relies on several magnets to move the camera module on its own axis. This could open up various new photography opportunities for smartphone photographers. Users will not have to get into the craziest positions to get a perfect angle for a shot

Spotify Continues to Lead the Music Streaming Space; Apple Music Comes in Second. Spotify holds a 31 percent market share in the music streaming industry. As for its fiercest competitor, Apple Music, followed right after and came in the second position with only a 15 percent. which streaming site do you use? let us know down on the comment section.

New Lens Technology Promises to Eliminate Camera Bumps, Notches in Smartphones. Metalenz PolarEyes Lens Technology, that promises to offer various advanced camera features such as biometric authentication and improved low-light imaging using compact and inexpensive camera lenses.


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