Gaming Keyboard vs Normal Keyboard: What is the Difference?

Are you looking for a new keyboard for your Personal Computer? Here are some things you need to know before you purchase one. Let’s check out the difference between a Gaming Keyboard and a Normal Keyboard and what is best for you.

Gaming Keyboard vs Normal Keyboard

Should you go for the best gaming keyboard or have the normal one for your regular use?

If most of your work and play involves the keyboard in front of a computer screen, you probably might have asked this question more than once. After all, a specialized tool is bound to work better than the standard one, right? Well, Yes and No.

We’re not saying that gaming keyboards are optional peripherals. Certainly, hardcore gamers don’t feel the same. But if you’re a person who uses a keyboard just for writing emails or updating social media accounts, then the gaming features keyboard will be unnecessary for you.

However if you’re planning to upgrade it with the old one. Then you may want to know if purchasing the best gaming keyboard is worth it? Let’s check out the main differences between Normal and Gaming keyboards.

Mechanical vs Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboards (Normal Keyboards) are standard design keyboards that are available in the market. These keyboards have rubber domes inside each separate key that sits over a membrane sheet. Regular office or desk keyboards are classified into this category. You can find this keyboard featuring silent typing capabilities because of its membrane sheet inside.

Most gaming keyboards use mechanical switches instead of membrane switches that are common in normal keyboards. Gamers generally prefer this keyboard as it gives better performance in gaming as well as convenience in typing.

Well, a gaming keyboard has several features that a normal keyboard won’t have, these includes:

Fast Responsive keystrokes

One of the essential features of Mechanical Keyboards is the fast response rate. It takes 15 – 25 milliseconds to register after the key is pressed, compared to a membrane keyboard that registers the key on an average of 30 milliseconds.

While the difference is just milliseconds, having a faster response rate means quicker reactions to defeat your opponent in the game. It can make a difference in competitive e-sports games such as CS: GO, Overwatch, and Fortnite.

Design & Looks

There are a lot of factors that can make you buy a gaming keyboard over a normal keyboard. Some of the factors are its aesthetic design, feel of the keys and finish quality.

The shape of the gaming keyboard is different from a normal keyboard as they are often slimmer. Gaming keyboards come in an array of colours, few even have patterns & flashy LED panels too whereas normal keyboards are available in standard colours – black & white.

N-Key Rollover

N-Key Rollover refers to the ability to press any number of keys simultaneously and have them registered accurately in the correct order. NKRO is possible only with a mechanical keyboard as each key is scanned and registered independently at the same time upon being pressed.

Most membrane keyboards offer a maximum of 6 key Rollover. The 6 key Rollover means the keyboard can handle a maximum of 6 simultaneous keypresses. You will not require N-key Rollover on performing a task like typing since you will be pressing one key at
a time.

Backlit Keyboard

Another feature of Gaming keyboards is that they have backlit keys, unlike normal keyboards. They come in single and multi-colour options (also known as RGB backlights)

Besides giving keyboards aesthetic light effects, this allows you to play games in all sorts of lighting conditions. Some people love playing games in a low-lit environment because it creates a better experience, especially when playing games in the action or horror genre.

With RGB backlights, you can assign different colours to the keys. It makes it easy to place your fingers on the right keys without shifting your eyes from the computer screen while you play.

Macros – Programming Keys

Another stark difference between gaming and non-gaming keyboards is that gaming keyboards have programmable keys. This programming, also known as Macros, allows you to assign a complex command sequence to a single key.

It is most probably useful when playing games such as MMORPG and MOBA games. Games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and DOTA 2 have more skills and abilities. In such games, you use programmable keys to perform a specific action or sequence of actions. It helps you eliminate the need to remember keys whenever you are in the game.

Consistency Keypress

With Mechanical Keyboards, you get an instant response or feedback on keypress without pushing fully down (pressing the key all way down). It empowers, in building your muscle memory because you can accurately predict when the keystroke will get registered.

The same cannot be said for the membrane keyboard, as they tend to have variable actuation force that makes it difficult to predict how far you need to press down the key to get it registered.

Mechanical keyboards are made up of many individual components, so they tend to be more robust and heavier than membrane keyboards. It means that they don’t easily slide around if you get aggressive while you’re playing a game.

Versatility and Flexible Keys

The mechanical keyboards are very flexible, which means you can change or modify the keys easily without replacing them with the entire keyboard. You will not have such flexibility in membrane keyboards.

For instance, you may prefer audible clicks with hard pressing on each key or want quiet switches with lots of forcible actuation. Both these customizations are possible just by changing or replacing the caps instantly with the help of keycap removal. You can easily clean breadcrumbs and gunk that collect in between the keys or change the damaged keys without the need for soldering.

Longer Lifespan

Gaming includes repetitive and sometimes hard presses on certain keys. An Example of the keys that suffer a lot is W, A, S, and D as they are common in games that require characters to move around.

Mechanical keyboards are very durable and, the lifespan of the switches is up to 100 million hence. there is a minimum need to replace the keys,. But it’s tough to get the same lifespan on a membrane keyboard.

Comfort and Functionality

Gaming keyboards sometimes come with paddings or wrist-rests that offer comfort to your wrists. You can work for a long time in front of a computer with no wrist strain.

Compared to Membrane keyboards, these keys are well-spaced and make things easier while typing. You will have fewer chances of accidentally pressing the wrong keys. You get additional Functionalities and benefits, including dedicated media control buttons, rubberized keys, headphone/microphone jacks, and extra USB ports.

Can Gaming keyboards be used for regular use?

Yes, you can use it for regular use. Well, gaming keyboards are designed such in keep gamers in mind. But can be used for all your daily activities such as typing, browsing, programming, etc.

Conclusion Gaming Keyboards vs Normal Keyboards

Many people don’t see much difference between the Gaming Keyboard and Normal Keyboard. When you compare the price, gaming keyboards are definitely a little more expensive than normal keyboards as it has various options for customization as well as additional features too.

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