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Best Phone Chargers of 2022

The faster you can charge your phone, the better. If you’ve ever left the house with your phone’s battery low, you know how precious power is. The Conekt Dash QC 3.0 18W is the fastest way to charge your phone: It’s tiny and inexpensive, and it can charge a fully discharged battery to more than 50% within half an hour.

Old USB chargers cluttering up store shelves and online listings can’t keep up with the demands of modern gear. New fast chargers are affordable, safe, and up to three times faster than the old ones many people have had sitting around for years.

Regardless of the type of phone, tablet, or computer you use, we’ve tested and compiled our top recommendations for the best fast chargers on this page. Fast charging speed and technology are almost universal in today’s smartphones and tablets, and this allows the devices to charge faster than the usual 10W or 5W rates. However, not all devices support fast charging at the same speed or technology.

This blog will explain various types of fast charging technologies, their operation, and what phones can be charged by which chargers. Some fast charging technologies can even be used with laptops and smartwatches.

Mobile phones and tablets that support fast charging receive more power than they would with the power delivered by a standard USB port. A USB port typically delivers 2.5W of power, but fast charging offers higher power. However, in modern-day terms, fast charging refers to a charge of 15W or greater.

It used to be that fast charging was only available on mid-range and high-end smartphones and tablets, but no+wadays even entry-level devices are capable of it. Even highly expensive mid-range and high-end devices these days can be charged at extremely fast charging speeds, usually 25W or higher.

The amount of power that can be supplied to some smartphones can reach as much as 120W. On laptops, the amount of power supplied varies significantly depending on the form factor, the processor type, and the battery capacity. Bulkier gaming laptops typically have 90W charging, and faster charging usually means 120W or greater charging speeds. thin-and-light laptops usually have 30W to 45W charging, while fast charging can reach up to 60W or 90W.

Qualcomm developed its proprietary Quick Charge system in 2013 when fast charging standards did not exist. It uses 10W (5 volts and 2 amperes). Qualcomm released Quick Charge 2.0 (18 Watts in 2014), Quick Charge 3.0 (up to 36 Watts) in 2016, Quick Charge 4.0 (100 Watts) in 2017, and Quick Charge 5 (more than 100 Watts) in 2020.

In the wake of the launch of the royalty-free USB Power Delivery standard, however, the adoption of Quick Charge has decreased significantly. It is also clear that Quick Charge is only available in devices using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips. Fast charging standards Quick Charge 4.0 and Quick Charge 5 are compatible with USB Power Delivery.

In addition to developing the USB Power Delivery standard, Apple created the USB IF, which governed the USB standards and created the royalty-free fast-charging standard for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It reaches 15W for smartphones but 100W for laptops. The PPS (Programmable Power Supply) is a part of the USB Power Delivery standard and is used in some Samsung products.

It all comes down to compatibility, and each fast charging standard is fast and good enough on its own, regardless of which one they are. As of right now, USB Power Delivery is the most popular fast charging technology, and thanks to the push from Apple, Google, Samsung, and PC makers, USB Power Delivery is on track to become the most popular fast charging standard as time goes by on. In addition to this, Qualcomm’s fast charging technology has been integrated with USB PD capabilities, making it compatible with smartphones and laptops. While Quick Charge is its best competitor, Qualcomm’s fast charging technology has been integrating USB PD compatibility for years.

OPPO, OnePlus, Realme, and Vivo all indeed have powerful fast chargers, but incompatibilities with USB Power Delivery mean that they’re not compatible with devices that don’t come from these brands. Pump Express from MediaTek is compatible with both Quick Charge 3.0 and USB Power Delivery. Here, you can find the list of 2022’s best fast chargers in Poorvika.



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