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Is it worth buying an electric toothbrush?

The electric Toothbrush is recommended for improved dental hygiene and is a speedy and effortless way to keep your teeth gums healthy and clean. We know that it is more expensive than a regular toothbrush, and the alternate brush heads can be hefty, too. Anyway, Manual and electric toothbrushes have pros and cons, but do electric toothbrushes have many benefits over a manual brush? Let’s see.

Electric toothbrushes remove plaque and reduce gum disease over ordinary toothbrushes compared with a regular manual toothbrush. Use a small-headed electric toothbrush, such as Mi Electric Toothbrush T100. The oscillating head reaches painful areas easier, particularly areas at the back of your teeth. The bristles vibrate in the electric toothbrushes, allowing micro-movements every time, so you move your Toothbrush across your teeth.

Extraordinary Performance:

Enjoy the anti-corrosion, New high-density, metal-free brush head. This little brush head is quite different from ordinary brush heads as it uses metal-free high-density, anti-corrosion and bristle technology.

You will not face any danger because of dirt as the bottoms of the bristles are hooked together with the upper portion of the brush head.

It uses high-quality soft bristles, and each filament experiences a unique polishing process, so they don’t scratch or irritate your gums on the surface of the teeth.

These customisation feature permits you to set your brush strength,
brush time, and it’s the best brush to your daily brushing habits as you can clean your teeth easily.

Lithium Battery:

There’s nothing more alarming than seeing your Toothbrush dead after some days of usage. Built-in 700mAh lithium battery in the Mi Electric Toothbrush offers long active life, and one single charge provides 18 days of usage. You can monitor the battery capacity power using the app on your Smartphone, and it’s convenient and cheering.

It comes with a universal USB port that allows you to link instantly to various charging devices, including portable computers and chargers.

The charging dock can easily detect whether or not the Toothbrush is charged or in at full power. The body and base of the Toothbrush have an IPX7 water resistance rating, so the body is bound with multiple injection moulding that offers a sealed connection. The matte white body surface and added texture are simple and hygienic, combining comfort and refinement.

The price of a new electric brush is a bit high as they are completely electric. Other exceptional features increase the cost more than other usual brush models. But in Poorvika, you’ll get the Mi Electric Toothbrush T100 with a 13% discount. Yes, get the Mi Electric Toothbrush with a discount and save your money for your next shopping time. Use our 2-hour fast delivery and get your product in real-time.


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