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Sometimes the sheer job of getting up and switching ON the fan can look like a daunting task.

How nice would it be if your geyser gets your hot water ready before you wake up?

Exciting, right?

Get Smarter with Smart Plugs!

Introducing you to the world of Internet Of Things, also referred to as IoT, that links all your conventional devices and makes your home Smart.

Gone are the Clapper’s days that turned lights ON and OFF with a single Clap.

It’s now time to Command!

These plugs make newer interactions with the most mundane devices, and they serve as the best way to dip your feet into the next-gen smart home technology without a hole in your pocket.

Let’s now dive into the benefits of owning smart wi-fi plugs at home:

1. Easy Setup:

Quickly transform your home into a Smart one with Zebronics Zeb-SP116 16A, as this device is effortlessly easy to set up.

This nifty device fits into any standard socket and serves as a medium for a massive change.

These plugs also serve as the best way to dip your feet into the next-gen smart home technology without a hole in your pocket.

2. Control your Devices On-the-Go:

Turn all your devices ON and OFF anywhere, anytime, with Zeb smart wi-fi plug just by downloading the ZEB-HOME app.

By installing this app, you can review the status of all the connected devices.

This Plug gives you the security to monitor all devices and optimise electricity usage even when you’re away from home.

3. Power Monitoring:

Managing and tracking power is more efficient now. This Zebronics Smart Plug comes with a 16A power output that lets you view real-time data for Power consumption, Voltage and Current.

Smart Plug is a fantastic addition that helps you operate your TV or AC without having to fret about the hassle of running out of batteries.

4. Energy Monitoring:

Monitoring the energy consumption of different devices is now easy. With the Zebronics plug, you can now oversee the daily and monthly power consumption in the form of graphs.

5. Scheduled Control:

Most of us are habited to charging our mobiles and laptops at night.

This leads to over-charging the device, which might cause damage and shorten its battery life.

In combination with chargers, smart plugs allow us to pre-set the charging time needed, terminating the risk of damaging your device while also saving electricity.

Here we present a few examples of devices that you can automate using Smart plug:

1. Coffee maker

2. Bedside lamp

3. Stove

4. Geyser

5. Charging Devices

Work smart and Work efficiently!

Consumer interest in smart home technology has increased over recent years.

Now is the right time to step into your smart home dream.

Zebronics Zeb-SP116 16A and Zebronics Zeb-SP110 10A Smart Plugs are available at the best price on the Poorvika website.

You can also have a look at various other products that are available.

Know the Smart plug price online and Get it delivered in 2 hours.

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