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What’s the best brand of nose hair trimmer?

Wondering how to keep the nasal hair growth in check? The best way is to set those old scissors aside and reach for a nose hair trimmer, a better, quicker alternative that is more convenient.

Having more hair on your head? Awesome. Having more hair on your nose? You really don’t like it much. And you know, hair in nostrils is there to trap the dirt, so it is best to use a nose trimmer instead of plucking or waxing them. Do you want to know which is the best brand of nose hair trimmer? That’s Philips hair nose trimmer.

A person should dress well and look well-groomed as it is an essential part of one’s personality, and this product will help you take it to the next level.

Ear and Nose hair trimmers are functioning with the help of a battery, and the blades are covered in a soft bud-like cap. So you’ll feel comfortable to insert into your nose. This bud-like blade helps you cut the long hair from your nose and ears.

Philips Nose Trimmer NT3650/16 – The Best:

You can easily reach and remove unwanted nose and ear hair efficiently with the Philips Nose Trimmer NT3650/16. And don’t forget to clean your nostrils before use. Carefully and cautiously insert the trimmer inside your nose, but don’t more than 0.5cm and slowly circulate it. When trimming your ear hair, don’t forget to clean your ears and make sure they are free of wax.

If you want to do for your brow hair, use 3mm and 5mm and trim with very light pressure. Just move against the hair growth for a perfect eyebrow trim and enjoy the perfect eyebrow day.

Have a magnifying mirror to get a more satisfactory look. You can also understand how to use a hair trimmer for nasal. Remember, you have to pay attention to little details, and it involves regular trimming your ear and nose hair as it might turn into an unattractive mess if you allow it to.

This innovative and creative, dual-sided precision trimmer cuts quickly, effortlessly from any direction and any angle.

The textured handle in the nose hair trimmer offers you better control and grip, and the on/off switch is positioned for easy and comfortable operation.

An ear, nose and eyebrow trimmer are available to offer you a safety and comfort zone as it has Protective Guard System blades to confirm they don’t make direct skin contact, and it is created to minimise missed hairs, tugging or pulling. With the AA battery, trim your ear and nose for a more extended period.

In The Box, you can get 1 x Nose Trimmer, Travel pouch, Trimming Comb, User Manual and AA Battery. It comes in Black & Stratrails Blue.

Poorvika Online:

The Philips Nose Trimmer NT3650/16 price in India is ₹990/-, and it comes in an attractive black colour. You can grab this Nose Trimmer at a splendid discount and also with a Cashback Offer on purchase. Visit your nearest Poorvika store today or order from Poorvika Online to make this Philips Nose Trimmer NT3650/16 yours!


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