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Which is the best trimmer in India?

Many guys are either ignorant about or absolutely scared of this one word – self-grooming. We tend to ignore our shaving requirements with work from home lives. However, undoubtedly, Personal grooming is the secret of natural elegance. These days, people are not getting obsessed and mindful about themselves. The result, the untidy, unkempt, dishevelled, sloppy look, is the recipe for catastrophic date nights. But at that time, a super good trimmer will save your time, right!

It’ll take care of your messy facial hair in a matter of seconds. Making appointments with the salon stylist and heading out for trimming your beard hair can be expensive.

However, you can’t ignore your grooming requirements, especially if you’re an active working professional who needs to sit with regular video calls with clients. Fortunately, you can quickly meet all your grooming needs at the house by buying the best trimmers for men! The point, right.

Choosing between a wired or cordless trimmer is tricky as you need to consider so many things in the trimmer. While wired trimmers are much more reliable and don’t have to worry about when the battery runs out, wireless trimmers certainly offer more flexibility. Still, you need to consider taking a charger with you. If you are a traveller or need to buy a super trimmer, you can go for Havells Beard Trimmer BT5111C.

Havells Beard Trimmer BT5111C:

The Havells Beard Trimmer BT5111C is an innovative and creative grooming tool designed for men interested in keeping the best facial styles and growing beards. It can trim, style, and clean shave while maintaining smooth skin. This blade doesn’t have a blade shave as a traditional blade – so your skin will be completely risk-free. And other additional features combine together to make this one of the best trimmers for men in India.

Enhanced Skin Safety: The blades will work according to your face structure, allowing you to effortlessly and fast style. The best part of the trimmer is the safety mechanism – the Dual Protection System. Basically, an additional protective plate is laid on top of the trimmer’s blade, and the plate keeps the trimmer from touching the skin and only trims only the hair. Using the comb attachment, you can easily customize your beard length as 0.5 mm, 4 mm, 3 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm. The 8 hours of charging time give you super 45 minutes of run time, so you can enjoy your trimming time without worrying about the wire or sudden breakdown.

Poorvika is the Best:

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