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Apple MagSafe Battery Pack: What You Should Know & Should You Buy It

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack will likely become your favorite new accessory if you make heavy use of your iPhone 13 and often have trouble keeping the battery charged while on the go. The MagSafe Battery Pack, which snaps neatly into place using carefully positioned magnets, provides hours of use to your phone, even while in your pocket or bag. Apple’s external battery solution may seem expensive in comparison with other portable chargers, but its outstanding build quality and one-year warranty make it exceptionally useful for charging your iPhone while you are on the go.

Compact and Robust:

The MagSafe Battery Pack is a small, slightly chunky device that measures 3.75 by 2.5 by 0.43 inches (HWD). It is compatible with any MagSafe-compatible Apple device, including the iPhone 13 mini, and fits perfectly on the back. The battery pack’s aesthetic can be described as utilitarian. It’s built from a durable white plastic shell with a grey Apple logo centered in the upper half. The charging face is covered in grey silicone at the same time as the logo on the other side.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

There is a Lightning port and an indicator light on the bottom edge. Leather phone cases will stain the silicone. Although the exterior has a matte finish, it is very slippery and may be broken with repeated drops, but we noticed no scratches after several accidents. There was no damage to the MagSafe battery pack other than a stain on the silicone charging plate attached to a phone in a leather case. Apple does not offer AppleCare for the MagSafe battery pack, but it includes a one-year warranty. The device can be taken to any Apple Store for repair or replacement if it stops working and there are no obvious damages.

It would be more beneficial to have a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port on the iPhone 13. Apple should produce designs that complement the iPhone 13, as a thick white puck stuck to the back of a blue or green phone looks out of place.

Number Can Fool You :

The iPhone 13 Pro Max’s 3,687mAh battery may seem small compared to its Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra counterpart’s 5,000mAh cell, but don’t let its size fool you. Combined with Apple’s more efficient hardware and software, our tests revealed the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s battery could last more than 15 hours, compared with the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s battery that lasted a little over 11 hours. But even those tests do not tell the whole story. The truth is that most drain tests, including our own, aren’t accurate representations of real-life usage on any smartphone. With a full battery charge, we force the phone to perform battery-intensive tasks nonstop for an extended period until the battery is nearly drained.

It is common for people to use their phones on and off throughout the day, such as when reading the news on the way to work, checking their messages several times at the office, and then turning on Spotify and scrolling through Twitter on the way home. There will be a different effect on the iPhone 13 battery from our torture tests since the white MagSafe Battery Pack does not match its aesthetic. With a capacity of 1,460mAh, the MagSafe Battery Pack might not seem particularly large; it’s less than half the capacity of the iPhone 13 mini 2,406mAh battery and less than the 5,000mAh external batteries on the market for half the price. Unfortunately, the numbers once again deceive.

Apple MagSafe Power Bank

Battery capacity is computed using the assumption that the two devices have the same voltage. Milliamp-hours (mAh) are a measurement of a battery’s ability to power a device or charge a device, in the case of battery packs. Due to the capacitance of the MagSafe Battery Pack’s 7.6V potential, the capacity of the Battery Pack is actually 2,920mAh instead of 3,81V, since their voltages are different. Since all iPhone 13 models have 3.7V batteries, the effective mAh capacity of the MagSafe Battery Pack is actually 2,920mAh.

When unplugged, the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack charges your iPhone 13 at up to 5W. When plugged in, it charges your device at up to 15W. To make matters worse, the battery pack’s true mAh capacity does not factor in the battery’s inefficiencies. As a result of the placement of the device, heat, and other environmental factors, roughly half of the power is lost while using a regular Qi wireless charger.

The magnets in MagSafe ensure perfect positioning of the phone on the charger, but there is still a significant amount of wasted power compared to Qi. Both the iPhone 13 and the MagSafe Battery Pack have built-in safety features that help prevent the devices from overheating and minimize battery degradation but limit the charging speed and capability in the process. The MagSafe Battery Pack is much bigger than it appears, but it does not provide enough juice to fully charge any of the iPhone 13 models.

Apple’s MagSafe Charger can operate at up to 15W of charging power, and the MagSafe Battery Pack can as well as long as it’s plugged into a power source of more than 20W. Unplugged, it works at 5W. All of these are theoretical charging speeds. We measured 4W of power delivered to an iPhone 13 when connected to an unplugged MagSafe Battery pack. When plugged into a 100W charger, the actual charging wattage varied from 3W to 11W.

The MagSafe Battery Pack has an indicator light on the bottom which turns green when it’s fully charged. It managed to increase the iPhone 13 battery power by 72% when connected. Unplugged, this battery booster delivered 67% of its power in four hours. The MagSafe Battery Pack kept a fully charged iPhone at 100% charging for about seven hours. For the fastest charging speeds, you’ll need a USB-C power adapter and a USB-C–to–Lightning cable; neither is included with the MagSafe Battery Pack.

The iPhone 13 can charge the MagSafe Battery Pack if it is connected to a charger that is fast. If you have an iPhone 13 fast charger, that should work just fine.In addition to being able to charge your iPhone, the iPhone can charge the MagSafe Battery Pack. To do this, plug in your iPhone with the MagSafe Battery Pack attached. In the first hour, your phone will charge at a rapid 20W, and when it reaches 80%, it will begin passing power through to the Battery Pack. A green indicator light turns on the bottom of the Battery Pack to indicate that it is fully charged. The Today View and Lock Screen also display a charging indicator.

The iPhone and battery are both fully charged when it’s time to go. And if you need to charge your phone faster than the battery can handle, you can just plug it in directly and the battery will be charged in the meantime.

An ideal pocket companion:

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack can keep even the most demanding iPhone 13 users going all day without charging. The MagSafe Battery Pack is durable enough for daily commutes and easy to charge at home as well. Even without a power adapter or cable included, we still think it is a great value, especially when you factor in its warranty and safe charging features. The MagSafe Battery Pack is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable portable charger. But Apple customers value thoughtful design, clever features, and simplicity of use, so it has earned its place in this list.

A faster wireless charging supports up to 15W and supports Qi-enabled devices. The perfectly aligned magnets make it more sensible and reduce the charging time. Apple has its charging technology to the latest iPhone Series. The Appel Magsafe Wireless Charger 15W Price is ₹4,499.

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