Is MI Beard Trimmer worth buying?


Men spend a decade shaving every day. Is it worth it? In a word, YES! Do you have a beard trimmer, or think about buying one? Then, the rest of this blog is for YOU!

No man should have to suffer from beard burn. A good beard trimmer will have a low-cut blade guard that allows you to trim your beard as close to your face as possible without having to worry about getting any whiskers in your mouth. One of the best things about a beard trimmer is it helps you maintain that well-groomed look. Here are the ways to make the most of beard trimmers.

Mi Beard Trimmer 1C

The Mi Beard Trimmer 1C is not a waterproof beard trimmer, and it includes a super-sharp blade with precision settings for various hair lengths. It also has an adjustable comb with Twenty different length settings and a trimming comb for stubble or chinstrap beards. Weighing only 0.10lb, this is the lightest beard trimmer available. The Xiaomi Mi Beard Trimmer 1C measures about 3-inches tall with an outer diameter of 2 inches and comes with a charging cord and an adapter used to charge the Trimmer. A bag is also available to store your Xiaomi Mi Beard Trimmer 1C.


The Xiaomi Mi Beard Trimmer 1C design features a metal casing, plastic housing, and rubber grip, all of which are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to hold.

Main features

The Xiaomi Mi Beard Trimmer 1C boasts a lot of features and benefits. The Trimmer includes a super sharp blade with precision settings for stubble, longer hair and chinstrap beards. It has an adjustable comb, which you can use for different length settings and a trimming comb for stubble or chinstrap beards. Another notable feature of the Trimmer is that it does not require batteries. It allows you to use it without having the inconvenience of having to remember to charge the unit beforehand.


The Xiaomi Mi Beard Trimmer 1C can run using an AC adapter. When using AC Adapter, the Trimmer has a runtime of about 60 minutes, after which we should charge it. The AC adapter needs to be plugged into a power outlet that charges the Trimmer in about 2 hours when fully discharged, and this makes it convenient to set overnight to prepare the Trimmer for the next day. It comes with a USB cable, so you can use this to charge your Trimmer through any computer’s USB port.

Mi Beard Trimmer 1C has LED lights that indicate the battery’s status when you switch on the Trimmer. The LED light will turn on when the battery is full, and the level of light goes down and turns red as the battery gets low.


The Mi Beard Trimmer 1C from Xiaomi is the handheld trimmer you need, so you can keep your beard looking sharp and groomed. It’s easy to use and has a dual-purpose blade for facial hair and head stubble. Also, it is easy to remove and clean your Mi Beard Trimmer 1C.
Maintaining the device is vital to prolong its life span, deter mould or bacteria build-up, and prevent possible skin irritation.

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