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Best Mobile charger cables in India 2022


The number of mobile phones sold every year in the world exceeds 1.4 billion. If you are one of the lucky ones who have just purchased one from Poorvika, congratulations! If you’re considering an upgrade, you may compare different models. If the phone is brand new or a new model to you, you probably have some questions.

What’s the best way to charge your phone? That’s the most important question you can ask. Will you be able to share a charger with everyone else in your home, or will you have to buy a new cable? Will you have to set up your brand new device differently than your old one? It’s important to know which USB cables work with your mobile device since there are several different types, and not all of them work with every device.

You’re in luck; this blog has exactly the details you’re looking for. Learn what USB cords work with different mobile phones and which models they are compatible with.

Micro-USB Cables

Obviously, it is best to start with some of the most popular and common types of USB cords. The blog then examines some older models. In years gone by, micro-USB was the standard connector for mobile phones and other tech devices. But now it’s becoming less popular. Micro-USB’s smaller size makes it a popular option for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A Micro USB cable can only fit into the port if it is the right way around. If the cable is inserted upside down or backward, it risks damaging the port or the cable.

A main advantage of micro-USB is that it connects directly to your device. This eliminates any need for a computer interface. You can connect a USB drive or another USB device directly to your mobile. If you’re buying a used smartphone, check to see if you’ll receive the charger and cable when you get it. Devices that are older than 2015 will likely have a micro-USB port. The cables used by many newer smartphones and devices are different. Therefore, the cables used by a newer device may not work with an older phone, as well as vice versa.


Mobile manufacturers have been switching over to a new type of USB cord called USB-C in recent years, a type with some advantages over micro-USB. First, USB-C is much faster than micro-USB, and that’s the primary reason manufacturers have been switching to it. It’s also believed to be more powerful than some of the older USB types. The USB-C connector is also more versatile because it is backwards compatible, and you can plug it in upside-down and still get the same results. The new USB cable solves the problem of fumbling with the cable or trying to get it into the USB port the right way round.

Despite being the laggard in the mobile world, Apple has recently adopted USB-C ports on its products. Apple products have been incompatible with other chargers for years because of Apple’s refusal to adopt micro-USB. It is not just Apple that is embracing USB-C. The new iPhone 11 has a USB-C port. It is the first iPhone to offer this feature. Apple has previously introduced USB-C ports on iPads and laptops. The next generation of iPhone models will feature USB-C. That means that most chargers will be interchangeable. In addition, you can even charge your Android mobile with the same cable that you use to charge your iPhone.


In preparation for the release of the iPhone 11 later this year, Apple is expected to move away from its proprietary USB cable. Called the lightning connector, this USB cable had been used with every iPhone model since 2012. It was also used for iPads, laptops, and other Apple products. Lightning connectors were proprietary and therefore only used with Apple devices, but that did make it easier to use one cord to charge multiple Apple devices. Apple Lightning connectors do not work with micro-USB devices. Households that once switched back and forth between iOS and Android know the frustration of having to find the right adapter for a mobile device.

This is because the Lightning connector will be discontinued with the iPhone 11, but it won’t disappear overnight, as all Apple phones produced between 2012 and late 2019 come with the Lightning connector. Micro-USB doesn’t have this reversible feature, unlike Lightning’s. Lightning was a bit ahead of its time as it fully reversible, so you could plug the cable in either direction. Micro-USB didn’t have that feature.

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