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Samsung 45W USB Type C Wall Charger

Today, there are so many standards and protocols for fast charging that choosing the best charging accessories isn’t easy. In addition, high-end smartphones are now shipping without chargers in the box, which is making understanding the charging accessory industry increasingly important. Those looking for a charger for their Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphone are advised to check out official accessories. Samsung’s Super Fast Charging 2.0 Travel Adapter packs 45W of power, making it capable of charging any Galaxy smartphone. The Samsung 45W Charger is also suitable for tablets and laptops. Let’s take a look at Android Authority’s review of the Samsung 45W Charger.

Samsung’s 45W Charger is an official accessory that features several plug socket variations for use around the world, and comes in white and black colors. The adapter does not feature interchangeable plugs, and can only be used in the region of purchase. Despite the Charger being slightly larger than previous models, it’s incredibly portable for a 45W product. Samsung includes a one-meter USB-C to USB-C cable in the box, also designed to support up to 5A of current.

With this adapter, you will be able to charge the Samsung Galaxy S21 and other Samsung Galaxy phones at their maximum speed, thanks to the USB Power Delivery Programmable Power Supply (USB PD PPS) charging standard. Samsung’s 45W Charger can power a wide array of USB-C devices, including a variety of phones that don’t support USB-PD PPS. If you’re looking for a charger that can power a variety of USB-C devices, the Samsung 45W Charger is a great choice.

This Samsung 45W Charger supports the latest USB Power Delivery PPS specification. It is so future-proof it can power Samsung Galaxy phones, other smartphones, and even some USB-C-equipped tablets and laptops. As a test of compatibility, we powered up the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, Microsoft’s Surface X Pro tablet, and Honor MagicBook Pro laptop. The results are quite good.

A Samsung 45W Charger is well suited to charging smartphones and tablets and some smaller laptops. However, 44W may take a lot longer to recharge large-capacity laptops, so you may want to get a 60W-100W charger instead. Using traditional USB Power Delivery, you’ll be able to charge phones and other devices at speeds up to about 42W, including the iPhone 12 series.

A Samsung charger that works for more than just smartphones is your product if you are looking for one. This Samsung 45W Charger supports the latest charging standards and can be used to fast charge Samsung Galaxy handsets and other smartphones from other brands, tablets, or even laptops. Samsung’s 25W model may be better-suited for customers of the Galaxy S21. Samsung’s 45W unit is overkill for just charging most smartphones.

Samsung’s Super Fast Charging 2.0 Travel Adapter is able to charge any Galaxy smartphone with 45W of power, which is the perfect solution for those looking for an adapter to power up their Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphone. Besides smartphones, it is also suitable for tablets and even laptops. Let’s discover what Android Authority thinks about the Samsung 45W Charger. The Samsung S22 45W charger is designed so it will work seamlessly with the entire line of S22 phones and charge them at the highest speed possible. This Samsung charger is an excellent option for charging your Galaxy S22 and a tablet or USB-C laptop, but there are more affordable options on this list.

This Power Adapter Trio has three ports, which lets users charge three devices simultaneously. Out of the three ports, two are USB Type C ports, and the third is a USB Type-A port. According to Intel, the first Type-C port is able to deliver 65W of maximum power, while the second and third ports are limited to 25W and 15W, respectively.

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