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Pros and Cons of the Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung is an innovator that tries to keep its standards up every time they release a new mobile, and now is no exception. From the display to performance and the camera, Samsung has raised the bar with its newly released Samsung Galaxy S22!
The all-new Samsung Galaxy S22 has attractive features and aspects that you can’t get your eyes and mind off!

The Galaxy S22 looks and feels like a premium, high-end flagship mobile. It has many features like Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ for protection, lovely matt texture at the rear, ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint reader and much more.
With many reviews pouring in about this flagship smartphone, let us have a quick look at the Pros and Cons of the all-new Samsung Galaxy S22.

Pros of the Samsung Galaxy S22:


The all-new Samsung Galaxy S22 has a 6.1” display, which is a way slimmer than Galaxy S21, allowing for easy handling. Also, it is quite compact and lighter than the iPhone 13!

Better Display protection:

Samsung has equipped S22 with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus on both the front and the rear, so your mobile will most likely survive accidental falls and slips. Even the edges of the Galaxy S22 use Samsung Armor Aluminum which reassures the safety of the mobile!


With the Galaxy S22 being the first mobile to feature Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Chip with 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, you can feel its lively performance and capabilities even with hardcore multitasking.

Built-in cooling system:

Smartphones generally tend to get heated up when pushed to the max; hence it is crucial to keep them cool to avoid wear and tear from heating issues. To fix that problem, Samsung has come up with a vapor chamber cooling system that effectively keeps the heat under check.

Samsung Galaxy S22 – Camera:

Samsung has truly built an incredible camera that is undoubtedly competitive to the iPhone series. It has been trying to catch up with Apple’s camera for a long time, and we must say, they have done a great job now. With features like Adaptive Pixels and Nightography, you can very well say Samsung is a step further and soon becoming a threat to its competitors!
Coming back to the specifications, the Samsung Galaxy S22 features the following tri-camera setup at the rear:

50MP Primary camera with aperture size: F1.8; Focal length: 23 mm; Sensor size: 1/1.56″; Pixel size: 1.0 μm
10MP Secondary camera with Optical zoom: 3.0x; Aperture size: F2.4; Focal Length: 69 mm; Sensor size: 1/3.94″; Pixel size: 1.0 μm
12MP Tertiary camera with Aperture size: F2.2; Focal Length: 13 mm; Sensor size: 1/2.55″; Pixel size: 1.4 μm
Along with a 10MP front camera for capturing attractive out of the world selfies!
At the rear, the 50MP primary camera features “Tetra binning” technology that resolves large photos down to standard 12MP shots with vivid details and light!
The telephoto lens a.k.a, the secondary camera, comes with a proper 3X optical zoom rather than the hybrid 3X zoom featured on the previous edition. And the Ultra-wide camera, the third camera, has a 120-degree view.

These features ensure bright and rich colors, making the S22 camera a hit!

Cons of the Samsung Galaxy S22:

Same as every mobile has advantages; it has a bit of a downside too. Therefore it is your right to be well-informed about both the up and downsides of the product, so you can conclude if this mobile is the one for you.
Here are some areas where Samsung could have worked a bit better on its all-new S22:

Samsung Galaxy S22- Battery life:

Being a higher-end flagship phone, it would have been great if it had at least a 4000mAh battery. The battery capacity is just 3700mAh which doesn’t suffice a flagship mobile as it doesn’t meet the users’ requirements of playing games or watching shows for long periods of time.

Infra-red sensor:

It’s been quite a while since we started replacing our remote controls with smartphones.
Though obsolete, the infra-red sensors in smartphones let us use them as a remote control, which is quite handy at times. However, Galaxy S22, despite being a flagship mobile, lacks this feature.

External Memory:

S22 doesn’t have a slot for a Micro SD card, so you will have to choose your storage options wisely. You can no longer have external memory, so in the worst case where you have huge volumes of data, your mobile might hang due to lack of space.

Headphone Jack:

You don’t have an option to use 3.5 mm wired headphones as there is no slot provided in this smartphone. It only has a USB-C type slot so, you can either use Bluetooth earphones or use USB-C to 3.5mm jack converter in case of wired headphones.
Athough the world is moving towards Bluetooth and wireless headphones, it would still be nice to have an option to use your wired headphones with this model.


S22 has a less RAM size when compared to its previous version, the Samsung Galaxy S21. This shortage in RAM size is undoubtedly a setback as your mobile might slow down while multi-tasking!


The whole market sees the Samsung Galaxy S22 as a competition to the iPhone 13, and to be accurate, it is not an overstatement. Samsung has empowered the current model with so many features and advanced technologies that one will wonder if they bought an iPhone.
The camera is totally out of the world where you can take your passion for mobile photography to a whole new level! So, if you are into mobile photography, you go for this mobile without any second thoughts!
Since the Pros of the S22 outweigh the Cons, you can consider getting this all-new hi-fi, ultimate-looking Samsung Galaxy S22 without even a bit of hesitation. You won’t regret it.

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