The Best Refrigerators With the Features You Need

The refrigerator is one of the essential kitchen appliances. “Where there is a refrigerator, there is food. Where there is food, there is love.” Refrigerators were once commonly used to preserve food, but advanced technology has taken the mark to the next level with the never-ending innovation and intelligent technologies. However, when you think of an appliance, there should be a particular brand which first comes to your mind. One such trusted and celebrated brand is LG. It has introduced a line of powerful refrigerators, out of which the LG 668 L Frost Free Side By Side Door is one of the best choices. Its advantages and specifications are what you need to keep your eyes on!

The significant factor in choosing a refrigerator is its energy-saving and power-consuming capabilities. The LG has crafted its 668 L with its unique inverter linear compressor, which ensures consuming 51% lesser energy by generating less internal friction. Let us walk you through the features of this chiller!

Size of the refrigerator

best frost free side by side door refrigerator

These days people are not just concerned about the size but also picky about the features as they keep getting better. Before buying a refrigerator, the main factor to consider is its capacity and spacious storage space. The dimension is 912 x 738 x 1790, and the capacity of this fridge is 668 litres. Having such a huge capacity, it’s highly preferred and convenient for large families. There are two compartments, one for the fridge and the other for the freezer compartment. This refrigerator is comparatively more spacious than the other recently released models. As the name mentions, this refrigerator has a side-by-side door. While planning on getting a side by side, you must consider some essential factors. It includes measuring your kitchen area and the area where your fridge will fit in, considering the door opening, ventilation, and cleaning space.

Cooling technology

The cooling technology in this refrigerator allows uniform airflow, plus it has additional air vents with the door cooling plus feature. The cooling air inside this fridge flows to every space and corner, ensuring it attracts uniform airflow. The multi-air flow feature helps circulate chill air around the place equally and helps to cool things faster than ever. The food will stay fresher for longer days with the added cooling technology.

Energy Efficiency

The best side-by-side refrigerators have the inverter linear compressor, which consumes less energy and saves more power. When buying a fridge, checking the energy star rating is a must. The more energy ratings it has, the less energy it consumes. A powerful compressor like inverter linear is likely to grip 51% lower energy consumption. It saves efficient energy so consider this factor to cancel overspending on the electricity.

Additional features

Water and Ice dispenser

Frost free water dispenser

This aspect highlights the appearance of this side-by-side fridge, adds elegance to the profile, and is technologically luxurious. The water dispenser feature will help you fill water or ice cubes without opening the door, resulting in less power consumption. Once you fill the in-built replenishable tank with water, you get cold water and ice supply whenever required. This device helps dispense water and ice with just a tap, and it also has a space plus ice system, which makes the freezer part spacious.

LG ThinQ

LG smart diagnosis

You can virtually control the fridge’s temperature with a simple touch on your phone. Without being present at home, you can smart diagnose your refrigerator. Another exclusive feature is the Smart diagnosis. If the fridge needs service, you must call the LG customer service and place your smartphone on the appliance. The appliance will automatically communicate and solve the required assistance with the intelligent diagnosis.

Multi Digital sensor

The refrigerator has a digital temperature sensor for consistent internal and external temperature. It ensures to keep the food quality fresh for a longer time.

Fresh Balancer

frost fre side by side refrigerator

The new balancer is active on the fruits and vegetable basket, and it keeps the humid level optimised and sealed in the vegetable box, which keeps them fresh for an extended period. With the moist and fresh factor, the food will stay moist, which keeps up to 20% more moisture.

Hygiene should always come first when it comes to food. To maintain fresh air flow around the fridge, LG has developed the fresh hygiene plus. The hygiene fresh air plus is introduced to keep the food and veggies fresh for the long run. This intelligent air filter will help remove bacteria up to 99.999%, minimising the refrigerator’s foul odour.

Hygiene Fresh air

LG frost free side by side

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