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Which are the Lenovo Laptops with Windows 10 available in Poorvika?

Presently, every Operating System other than Windows 10 is outdated. Manufacturers use it extensively in their products because it offers tons of functionality and ease of access. Lenovo, known for productivity-inducing tools and advanced upgrades, has been hosting the Windows 10 in their laptops for a while. Today we have a list of Lenovo laptops […]

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HP Laptops with Windows 10 available in Poorvika?

We all know, Windows 10 is undeniably the successor of Windows 7. As it has managed to do what its predecessors couldn’t. In addition to our daily computing, MS Office tools have become more advanced after the launch of Windows 10. Convenience, user friendly are the two primary reasons behind its massive success. Scroll down […]

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Is MacBook Air 2021 is good for students?

Education is becoming more advanced with every passing day!To cope up with these advancements, students are in need of equipping themselves with a high-performing laptop. The new MacBook Air is making the students of this generation market-ready by providing them with high-performing technology. New Apple MacBook Air is perfect for school, college-going students and for […]

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What are the Pros and Cons of the M1 Chipset in Apple

The all-new M1. This was Apple’s answer to this world’s quest for unparalleled performance. Unveiled at their Apple event a few months ago, it wasn’t just, as they quite simply put it, “one more thing…” . Rather, it was the “one and only thing” that took the world by storm. But then every good thing […]

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When it comes to buying a brand new laptop, there are a plethora of aspects to consider. It’s an enormous deal to figure out our Budget, the Processor, Display, and zeroing in on our exact need before going for a laptop. Hp understood all our needs and came with a laptop which fits every category. […]

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