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Music is the first language to a heart. It has a very strong form of language, we cannot touch it but we can feel the language through our headphones. So, choosing the right type of headphones will help you to connect with your playlist and float with your favourite songs. Here, is the blog that […]

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Bose Best True Wireless Earbuds 2021

If you are one of those music enthusiasts who loves music but hates the noise, you know, finding earbuds is quite easy because the market is overloaded with earbuds. But, choosing the right type of earbuds is quite grueling. The die-hard music aficionado knows the pain. You know what! Bose would be your best bet […]

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True Wireless earbuds are the coolest technology which is available in the market. TWS is a real-life saver for those who don’t want to get stuck within a circumference due to wires. You can keep your mobile on the desk and shake it up during your party time.  Lots of smartphone brands came up with […]

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Apple AirPods Pro Review: The ‘Hearable’ at Its Best

When Apple came out with their new AirPods Pro, the major advertised piece was the Active Noise Cancellation feature. Later the amazing sound quality and Noise Cancellation feature of the latest AirPods Pro generated a great buzz on social media. As advertised, the device has come up with an outstanding Noise Cancellation feature that eliminates […]

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: The perfect S21 Companion

We are working on how to eliminate any kind of complexities. It is very annoying to fix a tangled earphone. After earbuds were introduced, maneuvering has never been a problem to us. But first generation of earbuds had several connectivity issues. All issues are now eliminated. Are you curious to know? Wireless Earbuds-Introduction How did […]

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Noise Cancellation in Headset: What exactly it is?

What do you prefer? Waking up to the sound of bird’s chirping or waking up to the sound of never ending traffic? Well, it is very evident that most of us would prefer to start our mornings with a peaceful sound or at the least without any disturbing noise. Gone are the days where we […]

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