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Oppo Reno5 Pro: Pre-Book

OPPO’s Reno series smartphones stole many customers’ hearts with their beautiful design and excellent camera quality in a short time. As the Reno series has been so popular, the wait and excitement for the next set of Reno series’s launch were immense. In a way to feed the expectation and eagerness of Reno’s fans, Oppo […]

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Oppo is giving a piece of happy news by launching a new mobile in the Mobile Market. Oppo Reno5 Pro 5G is a brand new mobile that is going to come to the market at real-time. The Oppo Reno5 5G Pro comes with MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ processor. It the first mobile which comes with MediaTek […]

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Best Two Smartphones Running On Snapdragon 865 In 2021

The idealists, innovators, rebels, strategists, geeks, and explorers have worked together to create a new flagship processor named Snapdragon 865. The Snapdragon 865 gives a power-packed experience to the elite loyal users in the modern world. The advantage of Owing a smartphone equipped with Snapdragon 865 are numerous global roaming and global multiple sims are […]

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Is iPhone 12 mini 2020 worth buying

iPhone 12 mini enters the market with a bash and a catchy tagline of ‘Mini but mighty’. Though it is mini, it rivals with all the big boys in the hood. Is the tagline just a marketing gimmick? Or fact We will answer it for you. It will be absolutely biased, to begin with, a […]

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The secret of the success of Samsung is very simple. The reason for the success of Samsung is a processor. A processor is fabricated by hardware and software that toil together to deliver quick information, permit your mobile to complete tasks you request such as opening an application, uninterrupted gaming, and much more. THE SAMSUNG […]

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The Epic Galaxy S21 Series: Launch Event

A colossal measure of leaks on the Galaxy S21 Series has just made Samsung’s superfans experience passionate feelings for the epic Smartphone. Finally, the organization has kept a complete halt for all the wide guessed rumors on the 13/01/2020 launch event.  Here’s a quick recap of the launch event: The galaxy expert Mr. Anshu Moore […]

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