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By delivering flagship products at affordable prices, OnePlus has attracted the attention of customers, which is also the reason behind the company’s successful worldwide expansion. OnePlus TV delivers vivid and high-quality visuals with its HD display and Gamma Engine. It also features 20W speakers that deliver rich and clear audio to ensure the viewing experience […]

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Best 32 inch TV (2021)

It was a few years back where televisions were seen as a source of entertainment and news. But in the present scenario, the functionality of television has become very massive. Because just like laptops and smartphones, televisions also come with an operating system. With the help of an operating system, a product can enhance its […]

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Best TVs for 2021: Reviews

Years back, very few companies had Smart TVs in their fleet. But presently, when it comes to a smart television, the market is flooded with a plethora of options. This blog will be a guide on Best TVs for 2021 : Reviews. Before buying a smart television, a user needs to primarily focus on two […]

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