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All About Sony Bravia 4K X80J LED Google TV

Televisions play an inevitable role in our household, and with the advent of smart TV, the families are having maximum fun!Google TVs are now becoming popular among the audience as it integrates well with other Google services and integrates with almost all the major streaming platform.Sony, along with Google, has crafted the best TV at […]

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Do you recommend WebOS or Android for smart TVs? – Poorvika

Sometimes, we are overwhelmed and confused with the new technological improvements and upgrades from renowned brands and service providers. After all, most home entertainment electronics still haven’t caught up to the smartphone revolution when offering interesting apps and uses that can change your life! WebOS and Android for Smart TVs is one way in which […]

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By delivering flagship products at affordable prices, OnePlus has attracted the attention of customers, which is also the reason behind the company’s successful worldwide expansion. OnePlus TV delivers vivid and high-quality visuals with its HD display and Gamma Engine. It also features 20W speakers that deliver rich and clear audio to ensure the viewing experience […]

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