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What is Android TV? Google’s smart TV platform – fully explained.

Android TV has been steadily growing as one of the more popular platforms for viewing movies and television shows. With its newest update, it’s become even better. If you’re considering upgrading or want to learn more about the advantages of this platform, read on! Introduction: Google introduced its Android TV platform in 2015 and then […]

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Do you recommend WebOS or Android for smart TVs? – Poorvika

Sometimes, we are overwhelmed and confused with the new technological improvements and upgrades from renowned brands and service providers. After all, most home entertainment electronics still haven’t caught up to the smartphone revolution when offering interesting apps and uses that can change your life! WebOS and Android for Smart TVs is one way in which […]

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OnePlus Y Series LED Smart Android TV- Price, Specifications, and Features- Poorvika

Android TVs and Smart TVs are the two types of TV ruling every household now. Also, we all have witnessed the massive changes and advancements in the field of televisions from the old times. Brands like TCL and Admiral were the first TV manufacturers, but now many manufacturers bring in many unique features and improvements […]

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