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Everything you need to know about: Apple MacBook Pro M1 Pro Chip With 8 Core CPU and 14 Core GPU Mac OS Laptop

The pandemic has affected the research and development of many giants in the computing industry. But the Californian company which has the name of fruit remains unmoved amidst this mishap. The 2 back to back main events and their product launches are there to validate the aggression, voluntariness to deliver top-notch products. This blog will […]

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Are the prices of Apple Products justified?

While we love some products for their price, we love others for their quality.We might fall in love with the quality so much that price becomes irrelevant.Apple’s loyal customers belong to the second category!Though Apple prices its products on the higher side than the other company, Apple’s fan don’t seem to mind it. Apple is […]

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Is MacBook Air 2021 is good for students?

Education is becoming more advanced with every passing day!To cope up with these advancements, students are in need of equipping themselves with a high-performing laptop. The new MacBook Air is making the students of this generation market-ready by providing them with high-performing technology. New Apple MacBook Air is perfect for school, college-going students and for […]

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