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Reasons to upgrade from traditional TV to smart TV

After companies began to use Operating Systems in televisions, TVs simply got better. But how? Through applications. Yeah, developers build an application, and these applications are built to serve a purpose. For instance, there is an application called Whatsapp through which an individual can text, call anyone across the planet. These applications require a platform […]

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Which are the best Ultra HD TV available in Poorvika?

A decade ago, we had 32-inch screens that were only capable of supporting Full HD resolution. Yeah, only Full HD. Nowadays, technology has evolved beyond our imagination, and at present, many Smartphones support Quad HD (2560 x 1440) resolution. Since phones have become an integral part of our lives with our eyes getting habituated to […]

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The best Smart TVs — what are the options?

In terms of picture quality LED television has unlocked a whole new dimension. As they offered exceptional viewing angle and incredible clarity. Things got better and smarter after the advent of Android television. Because in addition to superb picture quality, they offered a lot of functionalities. We are going to mention about best smart televisions […]

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