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What makes Apple products so special?

Do you own an Apple Product?Are you looking to own one?Or, are you not much into Apple products?Whoever you are, it is true that you can’t stop yourself from wondering what makes Apple so unique?! Is it the design?Or the advanced technology?Or the Brand image?Though all of the above have a fair share, Apple’s ideology […]

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Photography is an art that works like magic. It freezes your clock and breath and helps you capture the precious reality. If you are a pro or willing to become one in photography, this Blog is exclusively for you. Yeah! We’re going to talk about the Best Camera Smartphones in India. Sounds impressive, right? Let’s […]

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Best Smartphone for Portrait Photography

The craze for portrait photography is increasing day by day. But you don’t need a branded camera to perform it. Smartphone cameras have progressed significantly in the most recent couple of years with various highlights that have extraordinarily improved the image quality. The mobile cameras with optical picture adjustment (OIS), bigger sensors, sharp focal points, […]

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