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Anker Wireless Headphones

Steven Yang was not contented with his software engineer job at Google. So he quits Google and starts a company named Anker. Though his story sounds like a fairy tale, in reality his path was very tough to sustain. He wanted to deliver top notch products at affordable price. Most of the people may have […]

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Best Budget wireless earbuds Review 2021

Initially, earbuds were very expensive, and there were only a few brands to manufacture them. Currently, a lot of manufacturers are offering wireless earbuds. One more thing to notice here is: many manufacturers are offering earbuds at Budget or affordable prices. This blog will present you with the best budget wireless earbuds. Boat Airdopes 443 […]

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Samsung’s Best True Wireless Earbuds in 2021

Despite offering great audio quality, wired headsets have lost their relevance in the market. While a user is in motion wired headsets cannot stay together. Regardless of motion, true wireless earbuds can stay in the ears of a user. Despite their functionality initially market did not embrace earbuds. Instead manufacturers were trolled badly for radical […]

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How noise-Canceling headphones work

Noise canceling headphones were first used in aviation industry. Because it helped pilots to communicate clearly. Commercially Dr.Amar Bose was the first person to introduce noise cancellation headphones. Meanwhile a German company named Sennheiser was also working on active noise cancelation headphones. Initially those headphones were not exactly noise cancelation but noise reduction. As a […]

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Xiaomi’s Best Hearing devices: Headset and Earbuds Reviews

No product from Xiaomi is overpriced. Because they won the hearts of people by offering top notch products at affordable price. Today we are going to present about best Xiaomi earbuds, headset, and headphones available in India. Scroll further to know more. Mi TWSSEJO2JY True Wireless Earphones 2 Aesthetics of this earbuds partially resembles ZOOSZOOS. […]

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