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Boat Stone 1508 Bluetooth Speaker

In order to do an action perfectly, we need to use a product which is made to do that action. In simple words, you cannot export an image scanned using 3D scanner via Smartphone. To do intensive task like this, you need a laptop with dedicated graphics card. We can give several instances like this. […]

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Anker Wireless Headphones

Steven Yang was not contented with his software engineer job at Google. So he quits Google and starts a company named Anker. Though his story sounds like a fairy tale, in reality his path was very tough to sustain. He wanted to deliver top notch products at affordable price. Most of the people may have […]

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Best Budget wireless earbuds Review 2021

Initially, earbuds were very expensive, and there were only a few brands to manufacture them. Currently, a lot of manufacturers are offering wireless earbuds. One more thing to notice here is: many manufacturers are offering earbuds at Budget or affordable prices. This blog will present you with the best budget wireless earbuds. Boat Airdopes 443 […]

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The Best wireless noise canceling earbuds Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds

The concept Noise cancellation originated in Germany by a doctor named Paul Lueg. Though his patent application was accepted, he could not practically implement it. Then Dr. Lawrence Jerome Fogel thoroughly analyzed the concept and developed a headphone with noise cancellation. Initially it was used by pilots. Since it reduced external noise, they were able […]

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