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Best Noise Cancellation Headphones of 2021

Whether you are in a plane, subway, workplace or a crowded street doesn’t matter noise cancellation headphones will cancel all the external noises and make you forget everything around you. It will bring peace and strain unnecessary noise to your ears. Noise cancellation headphones became very famous in the market. Noise cancellation is not about […]

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Bluetooth Multipoint Explained- What is it and why isn’t more popular?

Bluetooth is a kind of technology that uses radio waves to send and receive data. Devices which support Bluetooth have an adaptor to send and receive data. Adaptor of both devices must be within the range to share and receive data. After Bluetooth was introduced, our way of sharing files, images, music became easier and […]

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Top 10 Best Wireless Earbuds 2021 Budget and Premium

After hours of product testing today we are bringing you the best earbuds to buy in 2021. Earphones are an unavoidable companion if you are a Smartphone user. After years of their existence, they are losing relevance because of many problematic scenarios. The primary issue you face while listening to music through earphones is: the […]

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