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Noise Cancellation Vs Noise Isolation – Is Noise Cancellation Better?

Headphone help you listen to your favourite song, but the right pair of earbuds or headphones are required to block out every unwanted external sound and noise, so you can travel in your imaginary world, allowing music to heal your soul. So what do you do when you want just that, but have no idea […]

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Best Bluetooth Neckband headphones Review 2021

Wired headset, headphones offered great sound quality yet in present they are slowly disappearing. Because they couldn’t get rid of manoeuvrability issues. In addition to manoeuvrability issues, Smartphone manufacturers began to abandon 3.5 mm headphone jack. Scroll down to know about best Bluetooth Neckband available in India. Since our smartphones were becoming slimmer, manufacturers had […]

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Best Budget wireless earbuds Review 2021

Initially, earbuds were very expensive, and there were only a few brands to manufacture them. Currently, a lot of manufacturers are offering wireless earbuds. One more thing to notice here is: many manufacturers are offering earbuds at Budget or affordable prices. This blog will present you with the best budget wireless earbuds. Boat Airdopes 443 […]

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Skullcandy Cassette Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Headphone: Review

Headquartered in Park City, United States of America, the company has always manufactured products worth every penny. After the launch of Headphones, listening to music became more accessible. Presently music has become an integral part of our lives. A good pair of headphones is sufficient to quench your thirst for music. Today we are going […]

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Apple AirPods Pro Review: The ‘Hearable’ at Its Best

When Apple came out with their new AirPods Pro, the major advertised piece was the Active Noise Cancellation feature. Later the amazing sound quality and Noise Cancellation feature of the latest AirPods Pro generated a great buzz on social media. As advertised, the device has come up with an outstanding Noise Cancellation feature that eliminates […]

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Hands-on: Getting to know Apple Airpods Max Over-ear headphones

There are two types of high-end headphones as studio-grade headphones geared for production and luxury listening headphones geared for consumption. A studio studio-grade headphones usually need extra hardware like a mini preamp to drive them, while luxury listening headphones come wireless. Apple has come up with an out of the world luxury listening headphones called […]

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