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8 tips for saving battery life on your iPhone

iPhone, being a premium model high-end phone, has been ruling the mobile market for ages. Apple’s fan base is so loyal that they never fail to upgrade their iPhones, Apple watches, iPads, or Macbooks with every new release.An iPhone is still the most favourite smartphone of many users despite its price, and the reason behind […]

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Is iPhone 12 mini 2020 worth buying

iPhone 12 mini enters the market with a bash and a catchy tagline of ‘Mini but mighty’. Though it is mini, it rivals with all the big boys in the hood. Is the tagline just a marketing gimmick? Or fact We will answer it for you. It will be absolutely biased, to begin with, a […]

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro should you buy Reviews and all the details

We might have often seen this phrase: made like a gun from the fuel tank of Royal Enfield Bullet, ever heard, made like a knife No right! From now on if you are asked this question stop saying no. Now you are puzzled why you must stop saying? Because chassis of Apple iPhone 12 Pro […]

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