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An Overview of Mobile Phone Chargers

Before discussing the Best fast chargers in India, the most important aspect of fast Charging is to understand what it is and how it is beneficial. Despite having heard of fast Charging, many people don’t know which charger works best for their smartphone or tablet since there are so many standards out there, and the […]

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Best Mobile charger cables in India 2022

INTRODUCTION:The number of mobile phones sold every year in the world exceeds 1.4 billion. If you are one of the lucky ones who have just purchased one from Poorvika, congratulations! If you’re considering an upgrade, you may compare different models. If the phone is brand new or a new model to you, you probably have […]

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Samsung 45W USB Type C Wall Charger

Today, there are so many standards and protocols for fast charging that choosing the best charging accessories isn’t easy. In addition, high-end smartphones are now shipping without chargers in the box, which is making understanding the charging accessory industry increasingly important. Those looking for a charger for their Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphone are advised […]

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Best Phone Chargers of 2022

The faster you can charge your phone, the better. If you’ve ever left the house with your phone’s battery low, you know how precious power is. The Conekt Dash QC 3.0 18W is the fastest way to charge your phone: It’s tiny and inexpensive, and it can charge a fully discharged battery to more than […]

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Apple Wireless Charger: Accessories

Apple is taking us to a dream world that looks more like a tech fantasy and makes us experience things we never imagined. No matter how advanced of a gadget you possess, the fueling accessory is necessary to make an informed decision about whether you can buy the device or not. When Apple first talked […]

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Best Mobile Accessories: A buyers guide to Smartphone Users

We will be vague and silly if we affirm smartphones can get everything done in isolation. It is obvious Smartphones have chucked off many of our childhood gadgets like Radio, Calculator. But now our workload has inflated copiously like never before, so owning just a smartphone is not suffice. Can your smartphone stay hydrated forever? […]

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