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Best TVs for 2021: Reviews

Years back, very few companies had Smart TVs in their fleet. But presently, when it comes to a smart television, the market is flooded with a plethora of options. This blog will be a guide on Best TVs for 2021 : Reviews. Before buying a smart television, a user needs to primarily focus on two […]

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The best Smart TVs — what are the options?

In terms of picture quality LED television has unlocked a whole new dimension. As they offered exceptional viewing angle and incredible clarity. Things got better and smarter after the advent of Android television. Because in addition to superb picture quality, they offered a lot of functionalities. We are going to mention about best smart televisions […]

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OnePlus U Series Ultra HD 4K LED Smart Android TV 55U1

We still remember a time when an individual gets the curated invite from OnePlus when a new smartphone is on the market, and the interested person has to sign the invitation. Back then, the company was a startup, so it was their newfound way of marketing their products to create that much-needed hype. OnePlus televison […]

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