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Best-selling Smart Watches in the Town from Timex

Introduction Mobiles brought world in our hands but watches have brought world in our wrist. It simplifies our usual actions on Smartphones. Just like how mobiles evolved into smartphones, currently watches have evolved into smart watches. And now they are doing things that were once done stethoscope. Timex iConnect TW5M31400 Smartwatch Specification Receiving a call […]

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: The perfect S21 Companion

We are working on how to eliminate any kind of complexities. It is very annoying to fix a tangled earphone. After earbuds were introduced, maneuvering has never been a problem to us. But first generation of earbuds had several connectivity issues. All issues are now eliminated. Are you curious to know? Wireless Earbuds-Introduction How did […]

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Poorvika- Republic Day offers

History We got our independence on August 15, 1947. Since we did not have an organized constitution a team of experts led by great Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar submitted on 4th November 1947. From then it took exactly 447 days to announce ourselves as a sovereign republic. How and why? Have some patience till we complete […]

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