QLED TV: Everything You Need to Know

QLED is the most common choice of many leading smart television manufacturers Because it gives them more yield than other LEDs available in the market. And now comes the question of the day why are companies crazy about QLED? To be frank, companies are crazy because the performance of QLED TV is phenomenal. This is […]

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List of features to look when buying a TV

Television is much more than a provider of infotainment, and over the years, televisions have claimed their ability in numerous ways. It obviously leads us to a question. How did this happen? Well, it happened because of Operating System. Ever since companies started to use Operating systems, the functionality of television increased to a great […]

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Why you should pick a Samsung QLED TV?

A television is undeniably the favourite gadget of generation Z as it was their prime source of entertainment. Also, it is through television that most people are able to keep track of what is happening around them. But in the present scenario, things have changed drastically and adapting to the current trend is the only […]

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Samsung 163 Cm (65 Inch) Neo QLED 8K Smart TV and Samsung 216 Cm (85 Inch) Neo QLED 8K Smart TV – Features and its prebook options!

A decade back, televisions were considered as nothing more than an idiot box. But now, things are becoming very favourable for televisions. It is time to bid adieu to good old black boxes. Currently we are living in the age of technology where any kind of action is just a click away. During this tough […]

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