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Which company has better smart TVs- LG or Samsung?

Samsung and LG are among the top manufacturers of smart TVs. Both companies offer various models, ranging in size and price. If you’re looking for fully customisable features including a wide range of apps, LG might be your best option. If you want a TV where everything is automatic, you’d probably be better off with […]

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List of features to look when buying a TV

Television is much more than a provider of infotainment, and over the years, televisions have claimed their ability in numerous ways. It obviously leads us to a question. How did this happen? Well, it happened because of Operating System. Ever since companies started to use Operating systems, the functionality of television increased to a great […]

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Best Smart TV’s 2021 Pick the best TV for you

Just like other electronic gadgets, televisions have become smart. Because televisions have got the potentiality to bring the entire world to our home. They are not just mere providers of entertainment; there are so many amazing things that you can do with a Smart TV. This blog will be a comprehension of Best smart TV’s […]

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Top Smart TV’s of 2021

Winning the heart of a customer is very important for every business. If a company fails to impress customers, they cannot survive in the industry for a long time. When it comes to TVs, only a handful of companies have won the trust of their customers. In the present scenario, TV’s have become an integral […]

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Why you should pick a Samsung QLED TV?

A television is undeniably the favourite gadget of generation Z as it was their prime source of entertainment. Also, it is through television that most people are able to keep track of what is happening around them. But in the present scenario, things have changed drastically and adapting to the current trend is the only […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Samsung 80cm(32 inch) HD Ready LED Smart TV

In addition to our lives technology has also revolutionized our perspective. Before LED displays were introduced, we thought LCD must be the pinnacle as they offered a great cinematic experience and superb picture quality to our home. Brutus’s funeral speech about how much he loved Caesar will be perfect, to describe the difference in picture […]

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