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Best features of Samsung Galaxy A33

As smartphones are becoming a significant part of our lives, we need the best of everything at a much more affordable price. We need everything from the built quality to the design and the camera to be at its best! With a detailed customer survey, mobile phone manufacturers are indeed aware of this, and by […]

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First Look: Everything You Need to Know about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

Samsung just recently released their newest line of Smartphone flagships, the Galaxy S22 Series comprising three new models, namely the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ and the S22 Ultra. , The series starts progressing with the S22 and S22+ versions, all through to the S22 Ultra being the premium model out of the three devices. So […]

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro review: Samsung’s best TWS yet?

Despite Samsung being late to the party with its true wireless earphones, the Galaxy Buds range has gradually become competitive with Apple’s AirPods. Featuring the new true wireless technology with professional-grade audio for immersive sound like never before. With Intelligent ANC, you can seamlessly switch from noise-cancelling to fully adjustable ambient sound. So listen to […]

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Samsung 163 Cm (65 Inch) Neo QLED 8K Smart TV and Samsung 216 Cm (85 Inch) Neo QLED 8K Smart TV – Features and its prebook options!

A decade back, televisions were considered as nothing more than an idiot box. But now, things are becoming very favourable for televisions. It is time to bid adieu to good old black boxes. Currently we are living in the age of technology where any kind of action is just a click away. During this tough […]

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Smartphones with the best-build quality

Imagine your phone slipping down from your hands while you click a selfie. This would halt your heartbeat for a second. In such a dreadful situation, we realize how important the build quality of a smartphone is. You may be a typical smartphone buyer who doesn’t take it into their own hands to find out […]

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Samsung’s Best True Wireless Earbuds in 2021

Despite offering great audio quality, wired headsets have lost their relevance in the market. While a user is in motion wired headsets cannot stay together. Regardless of motion, true wireless earbuds can stay in the ears of a user. Despite their functionality initially market did not embrace earbuds. Instead manufacturers were trolled badly for radical […]

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Well, here is an exciting topic!Isn’t it amazing to see our ideas spring into life before our eyes, just like how Magic transformed a frog into a prince?That is the power of visuals! We cannot estimate the powerful visuals by units as we can only feel it.A mobile’s uniqueness comes from its powerful User Interface. […]

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