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Pre-Book Nokia XR 20 Online at Best Price – Poorvika

Searching for a Smartphone that comes with you forever? Then you should probably check Nokia XR 20. Yeah, you know about Older Nokia basic model phones? Strong, robust, and had forever battery capacity, and you can see very similar features with Nokia XR 20, but you can expect flagship Smartphone performance in Nokia XR 20. […]

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OnePlus Discount Offer – Buy Smartphone at best Price in India

Are you planning to get a Never Settle Flagship Smartphone to dream big and aim for the moon? Then this blog is for you. Yeah! Just scroll down and know more OnePlus Smartphones and get your favorite Smartphone at Poorvika. OnePlus Nord 2: OnePlus Nord 2 is a perfect smartphone. The AI triple camera system […]

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Smartphone display refresh rates: What differences 60Hz vs 90Hz vs 120Hz?

“Refresh rate” Have you ever heard the term?Just take a moment, Sit back and think about where you heard it.Was it at the time of your most recent mobile purchase?Was it on Mobile Ads?Was it while you were checking through the specs of a Smartphone you got for your mom? I’m sure you must have […]

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