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Best waterproof smartwatches

A smartwatch cannot tell how much load it can sustain or it will not know what its owner is going to bring tomorrow. But as a buyer you need to know how much it can sustain. Scroll down to know about best waterproof smartwatches you can buy in India. To be honest, no device is […]

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Best smartwatches under Rs.10000

Obesity is a prominent reason for most of the health problems we face today. Exercise is the only way to get rid of obesity. There is a speculation about how technology is contributing to make people remain unhealthy. Because rate of obesity has swollen after the year 1975 so technology is blamed for making people […]

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Best budget Smartwatches under Rs. 5000

What is the first thing? You will have in your mind, before buying a product? It is obviously going to be price, not everyone can afford to be unbothered about price. Today we are going to present best budget smartwatches under 5,000. Our segregation will be based on the specification of a product and how […]

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Best-selling Smart Watches in the Town from Timex

Introduction Mobiles brought world in our hands but watches have brought world in our wrist. It simplifies our usual actions on Smartphones. Just like how mobiles evolved into smartphones, currently watches have evolved into smart watches. And now they are doing things that were once done stethoscope. Timex iConnect TW5M31400 Smartwatch Specification Receiving a call […]

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Xiaomi’s Mi Watch Revolve at Rs 9,999 – The Best Fitness Smartwatch

Offering products at affordable price without demeaning quality. This is how Xiaomi have always been. Each phase of your life demands a unique version of yourself.  It is better if you know the areas to be worked on, before you equip yourself. Established people have also affirmed this statement. Currently nothing other than technology and […]

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